What is the best mid-prices police scanner I can get? I know NOTHING about them!?

I want to get a police scanner/radio for my boyfriend for Christmas, but I have no idea what all the different models are. He just wants to get the 411 about car accidents, etc. I'm hoping to spend $100-$200, but not sure if this is realistic. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    HI! Go to Radio Shack and you'll get all the advise and question's you might have. There are hand held that take batteries or you can get rechargeable batteries along with a charger or ones that plug into a wall socket They also have a line of Desktop models.Be sure to get a book with all the codes that you can program into the scanner which are codes that Police , Fire departments and emergency services use. I've had one for years it works great.That would be a great gift for him.I'm sure he will enjoy. LOTS OF LUCK. [ I do not work for Radio Shack]

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    go to radio shack, you can get a very efficient scanner for the money you want to spend

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