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info on roller coasters?

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    Roller Coasters are fun, but be careful where you ride them. I never trust traveling fairs or carnivals. Those rides are broken down and re-built all the time and are just not trustworthy. Go to a perminant park in your area for roller coasters. These are constantly checked and re-checked throughout the day and are repaired as soon as a malfunction is discovered. Once you find a good place, roller coasters are the greatest thing ever.

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    Why do we love roller coasters? They are almost a perversion of the pleasure-pain principle. We are drawn to them even as they incite fear, get our hearts racing, turn our knuckles white and toss us around mercilessly. Then we get off and jump right back in line. Beginning in the early 1990s, roller coasters began their second Golden Age (The first was during the Jazz-Age 1920s when the wooden lattices dotted the U.S. landscape.) and their numbers and variety show no signs of letting up. Why do we love roller coasters? Who knows? But, it seems, we can't get enough of them.

    (Guide's note: Roller coaster favorites are obviously subjective and invariably influenced by the coasters that the person doing the choosing has ridden. In my case, my home base is New England and I freely admit to a right-coast bias.)


    Boulder Dash

    Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT

    Located anywhere else, this wonderful roller coaster would still be a top favorite.

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    Great airtime, smooth ride, relentless speed from start to finish: You name it, the out-and-back Boulder Dash has it. The fact that it is built into the side of a mountain and careens around trees and boulders, however, pushes it to the top of the list.


    Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

    The roller coaster that proves the adage, "size isn't everything," Raven packs delerious airtime and out-of-control speed into its 90-second ride.

    Shivering Timbers

    Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon, MI

    Built by the same company that designed Boulder Dash (Custom Coasters, Inc.), this is a similar out-and-back coaster with similar airtime and relentless speed. No mountain here, though.


    Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA

    Another Custom Coasters, Inc. creation. These people really knew how to build new-age wood coasters (The company went out of business in 2002). Most of their monsters seem to defy the laws of physics and somehow override the effects of friction to keep the roller coaster trains screaming until the brake run before the station. GhostRider is no exception.


    [Astroland at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

    Sure, there may be "better" roller coasters. But this is one of the originals and holds a special place in the hearts of fans. It's not the smoothest ride (one fan I know likened the first drop to riding down the steps of an 85-foot ladder). But the Cyclone is nostalgic, yet surprisingly vital after all these years.


    Superman: Ride of Steel

    Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA

    Speed, airtime, G-forces: This hypercoaster gives riders the perfect combination of everything a great roller coaster should have and never stops giving it from the moment of the first terrifying drop until it returns to the station. An instant classic.

    The Incredible Hulk

    Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando, FL

    Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando, FL A launched roller coaster unlike any other. It must be ridden to be believed.

    Millennium Force

    Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH

    The coaster-lovers' park that first gave us a hypercoaster (Magnum XL-200) topped itself with this 310-foot "giga-coaster." It's such a long way up, it uses an elevator cable to speed the trains to the top of the lift hill instead of a traditional chain lift.

    Dueling Dragons

    Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando, FL

    Actually two roller coasters (the Ice side gets the edge if I had to pick a favorite), either inverted coaster on its own would be a winner. Coming within inches of one another during a series of insane "fly-bys" makes the tandem a killer coaster experience. It's worth waiting the extra time to sit in either of the front rows; the fly-bys are much more intense.


    Buffalo Bill's Casino, Primm, NV

    One of the early hypercoasters, its enormous, yellow track is an ominous sight as you travel the interstate between L.A. and Vegas. Of all the roller coasters I've ridden, this one produced the most sustained free-floating airtime. What a rush! It's simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying -- and that pretty much defines a great roller coaster experience.

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    Never try to hunt from a moving roller coaster.

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    they are pretty much the best thing in the world.

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    there very cooll

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