What exactly IS United Way, and what do they do?

What is their function....what services do they provide ...who do they provide their services to

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    The United Way is a collection of organizations found in almost every city or county that collects donations and distributes them to other charities. Each local United Way has it own Board of Directors of local citizens who decide the local policy, and who they support, for that United Way. The national organization, United Way of America, set standards that each local United Way must adhear to in order to be part of the organization.

    By donating to a United Way you can support many local charities through payroll deductions at your company or give a one time gift. You also have the option at most local United Ways of directing your donation to any IRS recognized charity.

    If you look around your world and don't like the what you see but don't know how to get involved, this is one way.

    Source(s): I work for a local United Way, that is my way of giving back to my community.
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    United Way of America is an organization that allows people to give and get financial help. They also provide food, clothing and shelter to the homeless.

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    The United Way is a charitable organization. People donate to the United Way and then the United Way gives it to charities based on their applications. The United Way gets to decide where your donation goes.

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