Were can I meet Asian women in Kansas City?

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  • Thomas
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    1 decade ago
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    Find Asian restraunts to eat at.

    Chineese food, Japaneese food, Filipino food (most filipino's I heard make excellent spouses, they are totally devoted to you, and are faithful).

    Also you may want to hang out at a local mall, and be patient, kind and friendly.

    Some people simply choose to live their lives and not think about such things, and simply show loving-kindness(metta) and be friendly toward others, and then before you know it the person your've been waitng for, comes into your life. And then you simply go from there in developing that relationship.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    look up the asian foods store now go down there and look up on the walls for church notices and parties and such ask the owners where the big newyears parties are held and who throws them and get tickets you may be odd man out as these are usually couples and family but meeting folks and learning what groups and optiions are there is a start ,, i dated a korean girl and several girls from thailand and cabodia when at afort Bragg NC and the party was the place to be seen and to find women and cool folkes dont over drink they will encourage that to see you act a fool if you are new so drink soda and lime unless they poor from their own bottle then its bad joss not to drink ,, ask about martial arts studios if you go to a beginner clas the banquets are cool everyones sisters come out and the folks that attend are really good folkes to know in a new town ,

    Source(s): sivadhi cup ,, ahnyi-hashimeekha -ahdashi
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    This is the 'Women's Studies' section!!! Not the friggin' Dating and Friendships section!! Ack!! This makes me want to pull my hair out!!

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