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To the right wingers, why do you think that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do?

Please give me your reasons? What threat did Iraq pose? Do you believe democracy can be enforced? Do you feel that Bush is responsible for what he started in Iraq? It is now a slaughter house. Give reasons.


So, judging from the comments so far, to you guys; oil and power is more important than human life? The number of Iraqis dead is now 650,000. Does that number mean anything to you? You should listen to what Kofi Annan said during his speech at the Truman library. You might see how others around the world percieve the illegal war, and this "bullying" behavior of the US in international politics.

No nation can gain anything by proving to be superior than others in anyway. Look at history, and see what happened to historical world powers. I live in Asia, and I can tell you people have little faith in the US.

Update 2:

To your additional details, I think you are right. You guys really have no idea what you are talking about. What's Russia and China got to do with the Middle East? What do you know about Islam? Do you obviously believe that Shias and Sunnis traditionally fight each other as they show in the media? Go to any Arab or Muslim country and see it for yourself. There was no need for what Bush started.

Russia has plenty of oil by the way, and there is oil in other parts of the world, not just the Middle East. What can you say about the Israeli Palestinian conflict? Doesn't that cause problems in the Middle East?

If Bush continues his current policies, America will politically drag down to the hells of war. Powers like Russia, China or even the EU will have more influence in world affairs. Winning human hearts is important. The US is not doing that, its doing the opposite.

Understand the power of Democracy.

Update 3:

Powerlift, I did not lose my temper. It was just a question. Please do not bias me because of my name. A majority of the world's people are against the Iraq war, that's what I can tell you.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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    I am not the right-winger... but I believe Iraq is the right target to bring down so the region is stabilize enough for the oil. People may ask, is it better or worse now... you need to see long term. It is for the better. Egypt, Iraq and Israel will be buddies. Wait and see!

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    Okay first off do you really think we are there because of Saddam? If so you need to do some reading. Saddam was just an excuse to get us over in the Middle East. When you look at the papers everyday what is the major headline if not about Iraq? Something going on in the Middle East. Do you realize that if Iran wanted to they can stop the majority of oil leaving the Middle East. Yes Canada is our biggest oil importer but Canada alone and our lines can not sustain us. So am I saying its okay because this is all over oil? No because it is not just over oil. Nukes are on the minds of every Middle Eastern country leader. Iran is just the start. Our mission over there hasnt even begun. Stay tuned for futher information on lets make it CNN. And you can laugh and say people supporting the war dont know what they are talking about. We never thought 9/11 would happen either. Support our president support our troops. If you dont like it fine dont rally against it to many have given the ultimate sacrifice. To your additional details if we didnt step in the Middle East wed be having a war over the Middle East with Russia and China because the Middle East would be a waste land. Why? Because they would have killed each other. They are trying to exterminate the Sunnis as we speak. So dont talk about human life here because they seem to have no regard for it. We toppled a man in Iraq who not only killed his own people but tortured them and did terrible chemical experiments on. So before you go off on a temper tantrum get the facts before asking a question you have no right to ask.

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    Entering Iraq was the correct thing to do. The information available at the time, along with Sadaam Hussein's ongoing behavior, was more than enough justifcation for our actions. President Bush is responsible for what he started in Iraq based upon this information, as are the 77 Senate members (including 29 Democrats) and 296 House of Representative members (including 81 Democrats) who authorized the use of military force in Iraq.

    Being "responsible" means taking responsibility and following through with your actions. Where have all the Democrats gone who voted for this? They conveniently omit mentioning their initial support for the war, and now demand its premature end. Leaving early and leaving the region in chaos is NOT responsible behavior. Pointing fingers is NOT responsible behavior. If President Bush chose to withdraw from Iraq and withdraw our military assistance while things remain chaotic over there, with the current conditions being a result of our invasion, would you consider that "responsible" behavior?

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    I THINK THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS DEFINETLY THE RIGHT THING TO DO. IF YOU THINK IT IS A WAR FOR OIL THEN YOUR A FOOL. We have to try and get a foothold somewhere in the middle east and try and bring about democracy so if a few can get a taste of freedom and see what benifits it has in store instead of living their lives as third world have not's and join the rest of the world. If you think that 9/11 wasnt a good reason to go after them what the hell is. and no Osama Bin Laden wasnt an Iraqi but he is an Islamic facist and there are plenty of them in Iraq and sadam hussein needed stopped he was a brutal dictator that wanted to dominate the middle east and control the oil ( Kuwait & his war with Iran),and hold it over the worlds head for his own power and greed if you think he wouldnt of used the oil money for WMD's then you are very nieve. Would you be so quick to want to leave the poor muslim terrorists alone if it was one of your family members beheaded on video for you and the world to see. If you dont think 9/11 was the tip of the iceburg compared to what they would like to do to us then you are a fool. Anybody not muslim or a follower of Islam is an infidel to be killed

    And have no doubt that is just what they want to do to anybody or country or government that doesnt follow their belief's. How would you like to live in a warzone here. Could you survive without your grocery stores or air conditioning or heat or fresh water or your phones and tv or microwave oven, HELL NO you couldnt if this country come under attack it would fold up we have become such a fat lazy nation how many could sustain for themselves while hiding for fear of their lives?.. not many..and yes we have had a lot of brave young men and women die in Iraq trying to bring stability to Iraq and if you listen to them and not just the left wing media BS put out by CNN, MSNBC,ABC, CBS ,AND NBC They are there because they want to be we have the highest re-enlistment rate ever they are signing up to go back and they want and need our support to get their job done . They dont need a bunch of crybaby Cindy Sheehan's putting them and their cause down. Hell we lost more soldiers in the first few hours of d-day than in the entire Iraq conflict both times, and do you here our Grandfathers whining about it hell no and for the most part they are behind the soldiers and their cause .and if when it's all over and we can get some cheaper oil out of it then great how long do you think we fat lazy americans could live with out gasoline, diesil, heating oil just to name a few of the products we get from oil. If your so concerned about this being a war for oil sell your car and walk or ride a bike everywhere and dont use anymore plastic products or anything made from oil dirivitives.And finally George Bush didnt start any war Islamic Facists started this when they attacked our Country which so many of you peace loving liberals are so quick to forget.

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  • go power you da man i could have only said it better if id said it myself and nice comback to his added details there as well i like the av too haha heck i can answer the china russia question china needs the oil and russia would want it to stop the flow to the us man are you really that stupid and yes the shites are always blowing up a mosque of the sunnis or vice versa get a life dude and look at the real picture because i can tell all you do is believe what you hear you have no concept of reality and yes youll get the last word in because we can only edit our answer once oh well i see there is one born every minute in every part of the world even in asia

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    Herbert, very well said.

    Not everyone can live in a world of fairy tales and lollipops.

    Apparently the author of this question believes that terrorists really just want to sit down and talk about peace. Wrong.

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    Yes it is. We deposed a cruel and insane leader with the power and connections to start wars. He may not have been caught with WMDS but he had the connections and the will to get them.

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    1. The United States of America is good and has always stood up for what is right. We are currently at war with a true evil known as "Radical Islam". This is the extremist movement funded and armed primarily by the Soviet Union and more recently by Russia and China. [See the 8/24/2006 article by Romanian General (Retired) Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc]. Iraq is a key battleground in this war. With the Radical Islam movement, Iraq actively supported the destruction of America and thus posed a very real threat. That threat did not change significantly on September 11, 2001, but Americans certainly accepted the threat as real.

    2. Today in Baghdad, as with September 11 and all terrorist attacks, terrorists can be defined simply - the way I explain it to my children. Terrorists are the armed soldiers who fight as cowards. They only attack innocent unarmed civilians who cannot fight back. The U.S. has chosen to fight terrorists where they live, where they train, and where they cannot reach American civilians. Iraq qualifies as all three.

    3. Iraq also posed a real threat to the rest of the world. Iraq invaded Kuwait and had to be forcibly ejected. Immediately afterward, Iraq made several promises in return for a rather generous 1991 agreement not to conquer Iraq while U.S.-led international forces were within a few dozen miles of Baghdad. Among these promises was full access and full disclosure regarding WMD capabilities (not just the actual weapons already built). With the lack of honor and honesty typical among Middle East rulers, Saddam Hussein and his regime did not live up to their promises. Disclosure turned out to be deception. Iraq repeatedly denied full access to UN inspectors (at least until they had a few days to clean out the target facility), got out of trouble with the UN by promising to grant access, only to deny access again. The UN was unable to determine if Iraq had WMD programs or WMD weapons stockpiled. After several years of this, the UN finally passed a resolution whereby Iraq must allow the promised full access or face military action (years of economic sanctions weren't working). Again Iraq played games, so they were justly invaded. True, the UN was slow to actually lead the military force at the time. As always they wanted to extract a measure of consessions and funding from the U.S. before doing what's right. This time, the U.S. could not wait. The UN money-grubbers naturally were offended and thus proclaimed a lack of international support for the resolution they had passed earlier. Still, the reasonable member nations (not the kooks legitmized by the UN) also did not wait for the UN and thus supported the U.S. effort directly.

    4. Iraq is just one front in the war against Radical-Islam's terror campaign. So why Iraq? Well, we did go into Afghanistan before Iraq. However, Iraq was unique in that we had explored and exhausted all diplomatic means to arrive at an acceptable solution to the problems Iraq was creating. The U.S. could not fight effectively on all terrorism fronts with military action at the same time, so it was Afghanistan and Iraq that got the initial military focus.

    5. I'm sure many responders will answer your question by noting all the good that has come about for Iraq and its people. This was expected, but not the reason for the invasion there. Yes, Iraqis are no longer brutalized by their leaders. Yes, Iraqis actually have a voice in their government. Yes, Iraqis are free to own and run their own businesses. The U.S. does not topple cruel governments in all nations oppressing their people. We went into Iraq because of the threat Iraq posed to the U.S. and to the world. The fact that eliminating that threat also ended the oppression of the Iraqi people was not the cause for the U.S. action.

    6. Democracy can be enforced. The U.S. is the shining example of this. It took many years after the declaration of independence to finalize the U.S. Constitution. It ultimately took a civil war to enforce participation in our democracy by all states. Democracy is not easy, and it is U.S. soldiers paying freedom's price around the world.

    7. Yes, I give George W. Bush full credit for all of the accomplishments in Iraq. Give him credit for the swift and effective use of force to topple the Hussein regime. Give him credit for ending government-sponsored rape and torture, and for bringing the evil dictator to justice. Give him credit for establishing the new Iraq constitution, new government, and new leaders - all voted into place by the Iraqi people. Ask the returning U.S. soldiers about the positive changes and progress experienced by the Iraqis in the towns liberated from the original Hussein regime and then from the recent militia violence, and give the credit for each life improved to President George W. Bush.

    8. If Iraq is a slaughterhouse, who is responsible? Did the U.S. give orders to make Iraq a slaughterhouse? No, quite the opposite. Did "Al Queda in Iraq" give orders to make Iraq a slaughterhouse? Yes - we have it in writing. Who is being slaughtered today? Innocent civilians. Who is slaughtering them? The same Radical Islam movement that declared war on the U.S. decades ago. America and Iraq are on the same side in this war against evil forces.

    9. Why are U.S. forces still in Iraq? Well, consider what would have happened if we pulled out right after Hussein's violent regime was toppled. Iraq would experience the violence of anarchy, followed by the violence of feudal or civil war to establish new leadership, followed by the violence of the whatever dictatorship emerged victorious, eventually settling into the role of the next Saddam Hussein. The same is true if we pull out today, except that the existing democratic government would be one of the contending factions. The only plan worse would be to set a specific time when the U.S. would pull out (oddly, a plan actually proposed by left-wing kooks). A date certain would allow the violent forces to prepare for the ensuing conflict.

    10. This region has always been under the "whoever conquers rules" scenario. The U.S. has conquered and does not want to rule Iraq. We want nothing more than to bring our troops home and let the Iraqi people live free. We await only the stability and security of that freedom in Iraq.

    Source(s): John Kerry last week was quoted with his solution to Iraq, "We have to get the Sunnis to achieve peace with the Shiites". Wow - that must be simple. What a genious! Centuries of enmity can be eliminated by ihs simple suggestion.
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    President Bush told us to do it. he is a great American and great President. He is never wrong.

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    Yes, and I am a free born American I don't have to explain squat to anyone.

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