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What's the difference between the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Micro besides the style?

They're the same price at Walmart. Which is better?

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    the gameboy micro has a backlit screen. the gameboy advance does not, but i don't know if any stores still sell it. the gameboy advance SP does have a backlit screen

    the gameboy micro can only play gameboy advance games. it cannot play gameboy games from older generations - which honestly is not a big loss. the gameboy advance can play older games.

    the gameboy micro is quite small, but isn't that small. however, an hour of playing that would cramp my hands.

    the gameboy micro does not keep its power as long as a gameboy advance SP. a gameboy advance SP does not keep power at all - it requires 2 AA batteries (or a charged AA set). a gameboy advance SP has a lithium ion battery that lasts for hours.

    overall? the gameboy advance SP is the best choice.

    it is square in shape, when closed/folded. make sure it says SP! a regular gameboy advance will end up costing more in the long run through batteries, if it doesn't frustrate someone because it has no lighting

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    1. The Game Boy Micro does not support old Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games.

    2. It has a backlit screen (though the GBA SP has that too).

    That's all I can think of right now.

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    truthfully there really isnt besides the micro is a lot smaller and uncomfortable to play.

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