Who here has children who are more than one race? I want to know your experiences?

Or if you're a person who is biracial/multiracial, please share your experiences growing up. This forum has opened my eyes to the persistent intolerance that still affects us as Americans and i'd like some insight on what to possibly expect with my own child who is vietnamese/caucasian and black.

I know a few racists will straggle in here and post some slurs and that's fine. It helps me gauge what i need to be aware of. Please share.


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    Well, this is kind of a rambly answer - sorry - 'cause I'm just kind of free-associating here at work... but I hope you get something out of it!

    I'm biracial (white/black), and I am also from Jamaica. When I moved to this country, one of the strongest memories I have is that people always were asking my mother (who is white) if my sister and I were adopted. That was in the 70's, so I don't know if anyone would be that ignorant today to ask something like that, but you never know! Or they will ask where your child is "from".

    You seem to be way ahead of the game since you are asking a question like this. You must be determined to raise a child who is strong, self-confident and self loving. Good start.

    I really don't know what to say to you, though, as far as advice...because even today at 36 years old I am confronted with ignorant comments about my racial background. I guess I respond to these comments the following ways: 1) with pride in my uniqueness 2) with an eye to educate the person making the comment 3) with humour and 4) with patience...

    Good news is, there are more and more multiracial people being born every day, and hopefully if you live in a big city this may come close to being a non-issue.

    Just had another memory - having a white mother - she had a lot of trouble doing my hair! So she cut it off into a very short Afro - extremely traumatising, as people thought I was a boy! I think these days there are a lot more hair products out there, so you should be fine... but... it's the little things....big issues like racism and prejudice and little issues like hair... you didn't say how old your child is, but know that you will just learn as you go...

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    STOP!!! Just don't cater to it. Teach your child the positve of all his cultures and no one can rip 'em down.

    DON"T let your child not mingle with every race (mixed kids can be racist too) and don't focus on race.

    All culture have beautiful things aobut them and horrid things...don't let them be preoccupied with all blacks are thugs, all whites are thieves, all Vietnamese are (what ever racist thing they're supposed to be). YES, we are like that and no we aren't. Knowledge. That is the best defense against racism.

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    Im Egyptian and German..I know it's a weird mix but i love it because it's unique. Im 12 so I'm still growing but as I live in England I can't always keep all the traditions and eat nice Egyptian/German food, because they don't sell it over here!

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    mine are filipino and italian and they are beautiful dont worry what other say, they are just jealous

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