i want to dance en pointe...?

i have been dancing since i was 2, but missed a couple years so ive been ive taken classes for 14 years and i am 18 now. i want to take pointe, but the studio i was with never offered it. should i start again? will i go directly to pointe or will i have to back to the basics. I am a really good dancer and catch on quickly.

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    First, you'll have to find a school that offers pointe classes. Then speak with the teacher about your situation.

    A good dance teacher will need to evaluate your technique and the strength of your legs, ankles and feet before allowing you to work en pointe. (Be wary of teachers who would put you en pointe without a good evaluation) So, you'll probably start in a class and work for a while so the teacher can a get a good picture of where your ability level is. You would only need to go back to the basics if your technique is lacking or you need to work on your strength or something like that. Catching on quickly does not make your technique or form better, that only comes with disciplined training.

    If you have had good training for the past 14 years and your technique is solid, there should be no reason you should not be able to start right away.

    Source(s): I'm a dance teacher
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    If you're even a little out of shape, you probably would want to do some ballet for several months before you attempt pointe. And you'll want to keep taking ballet (in flat shoes) concurrent with your pointe classes. You really have to keep in shape to dance en pointe. And it might be slow going at first. When you're 13 or 14 you don't mind pain so much. At 18 you might have a little tougher time. (I speak from experience). Just make SURE you have good shoes, fitted by a professional, proper toe pads/lambs wool, and tape your toes if you need to.

    Source(s): 20 years of dance + experience fitting people for pointe shoes.
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    Take some simple ballet classes first for a few months. Ask a teacher who does teach it if he/she thinks you're ready to go en point. They will let you know if your ankles are strong enough.

    Good luck :)

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    go back a ways and get a feel for it and strengthen your ankles and legs.

    i took a couple years off ballet as well, and that's what I'm doing and I'm catching on fast with 1-2 hours a day plus class.

    it's work but you'll catch on.

    hope this helped!!

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  • 4 years ago

    i myself hate to get your hopes down, even though it incredibly isn't a good concept to pass directly to pointe, whether you have had previous ballet instructions. no longer purely that, yet maximum studios won't in simple terms provide help to stroll in and sign in for one, the instructor will opt for to comprehend in the experience that your waiting. i do no longer comprehend why your mom permit you to take pointe and not ballet instructions, they are going to fee appropriate to an analogous. Pointe is a super type of annoying artwork, and you probable opt for a minimum of a 12 months back in ballet to have the stairs and the flexibility which you had years in the past. i comprehend you're longing to pass on pointe, yet taking a ballet type first, and letting your instructor come to a determination in case you're waiting is the greater effective thank you to pass. it is going to likely be much less risky for you, and your technique will look so plenty greater effective. good luck! :)

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    you should definatley start again! since you have past experience you will probably go to a high level class, but probably not on pointe at first. if you pick up quick;y and can prove to your techeres that your ready i would ask them about it because they might move you up. since i had past experience i took one year of ballet and then i was put on pointe, so its possible. good luck =)

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    Pointe not only relies on your ability to follow the movements but also your ability to stand on pointe shoes for an entire performance. This takes time to build the proper endurance.

    Good luck

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    you definitely are ready for point, i started that when i was 9! you should go find somewhere that offers it. its a whole different experience, that will take you years to get use to. so you need to start now

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    you may be ready but should probably stay on flat for at least a few weeks in which if you are good enough your teacher will tell you, explain you circumstances to your teacher and they can help you

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