Does young love ever return?

I'm 32, I remember the pre kiss jitters and the weak knees. I remember being so nervous the first time I touched a woman. I remember the giddy phone calls and the anticipation. Does that ever come back? I'm single now, I wonder if I find the right woman will those feelings return?

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    No. However, I have friends that remarried in their 40s & 50s and they say what they have is far better than anything they had when they were younger. There are a lot of things we overlook or just take for granted when we are young. So every age has it's advantages just learn to appreciate where you are now.

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    You are right, when we were younger, kissing and talking on the phone were HUGE! I believe that for me, a lot of that was lost after I became sexually active. A simple kiss just was not that big of a deal.

    When I first met my husband, I got the butterflies in my stomach for the first time in years!! I think that for me, the biggest change was the anticipation. We decided early on that we would wait to have sex until we were married. I don't know how else to explain it, but it made the whole relationship seem light and open. We were able to hold hands and go on fun dates, and the sexual tension that we felt at certain times ;) just made our wedding night that much more amazing.

    My advice, don't have sex with the fact, don't even hook up at all until the 3rd or 4th date. It may confuse the girl at first, especially if she dates a lot like I did, but trust me on this...It brings back the innocence of the relationships that you had when you were younger. It will also be easier for you to find a good girl that will last. :) Have fun!

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    It's a possibility! Especially if you remember feeling that way. I know I sometimes feel like a little virgin all over again when I meet a fantastic time, but then that little feeling just flies right out the window in no time, lol. But it does always seem so sweet and moving to have those same gitters like your first time!

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    Maybe once it comes back, but it's older each time. Still good, but not so giddy. And with increased age, you appreciate love more. At some point, you won't worry about having great sex. It'll just be wonderful to not be ALONE. :^)

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    Good question, the older people that I be around tell me that you will know. Its in your heart.

    I tell them after being hurt so many times that love is gone, you can't love no more.

    So, I have to say that it is somewhere in you, when you find the right one it will come out again. When, I could't tell you. I guess we have to wait.(me too) Until then we will have to wonder when.

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    when you meet someone you really like yeah it will happen again for you. When you get to know them they will disapate again, but thats a good thing. That means you are comfortable with your new gfriend or wife. I remember having those feelings when i met my hubby, I miss those feeling, but i would rather not have those feelings and be with him, and not lonley

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    i understand the way you sense, even with the undeniable fact that I desire i did no longer. My ex did some thing very resembling me. As a private opinion and journey, i will inform you that the soreness by no potential is going away thoroughly. As for the believe, for me, it by no potential totally got here lower back it somewhat is why I broke up. After his cheating, he apologised and needed forgiveness, which after a mutually as, i replaced into able to furnish. however the sensation of what he did, the lies, the wear, the mistrust do no longer flow away. My ex grew to become me right into a individual I wasn't together with his cheating, he too gave me get admission to to each little thing so as that I knew he wasn't mendacity. After that, i had to regulate each and every flow he made, each and every digital mail he sent, each and every individual he met, i needed information of his day to the slightest. And that wasn't who i replaced into, that replaced into who his strikes made me be by using fact the believe merely could no longer come back totally. final analysis, we broke up even even with the undeniable fact that I nevertheless cared plenty approximately him. yet had we stayed mutually, we'd be very unhappy and destroy up interior the top besides, merely in a worse way. The question is, are you able to believe him lower back after what he did? are you able to clean all seeds of doubt on your head? Will you be calm and comfortable and trusting each and every time he is going out, or to artwork or together with his pals? Or questioning what's occurring? Will you be high quality with each and every digital mail he sends which you don't understand approximately? Or will you ask on your ideas, is this yet another cheat waiting to take place? it somewhat is as much as you. in case you could no longer take it, in case you sense that the believe won't be able to be restored, then you extra beneficial flow away now when you consider which you will hate him in a while. and you will hate your self as properly.

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    When you find the right women you will feel it all over agian. You will wonder what this is that has come over you and you know that it is fate that brough you two together. Give it sometime you will find her

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    That is mainly puppy always happens the first few months when you never know what is going to happen and you really like that girl, then it turns into stable devotional love.

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    yes i think young love does come back...ya im young but i do believe in that kinda stuff like tha first guy i was with i have feelings for him and things are starting to fall back in place like they were...the nervousness, jittery kisses,,,all that stuff...good luck it will happen

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