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KJ asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Lepto Vaccination...?

Weighing the risks and benefits of the lepto vaccination, how many of you get the lepto vacc for your dogs and how many of you choose not to?

It's something I've almost always given my dogs with no adverse reactions, but lately I've been hearing other things about lepto. I understand tha risks on both sides, but I'm curious how you all feel about it.

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    There is a risk of adverse reactions for all the vaccinations. If you have read Dr. Ron Schultz of Wisconsin University, then you know that vaccines are good for many, many years. If you haven't read it, here's the link


    Another good source of info is Dr. Rodgers, a regular vet in Texas


    He gives lots of links on the problems with vaccinations.

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    I didn't vaccinate my dog for this. There are different strains of lepto and there's no guarantee that the strain they're exposed to is the strain they were vaccinated for.

    In my volunteer job I take care of sick harbor seal pups, many of whom carry lepto. I told the vet about this and asked if I should get the dog vaccinated because I would most likely be exposed to it, and he said no. The bacteria has to be kept moist to survive, so even if I got splashed with water containing lepto, by the time I got home the water would have dried up destroying the bacteria.

    Another thing to consider is that lepto is treatable with antibiotics. It's not like rabies where if they get it they're dead. If you're a good attentive owner and take your dog to the vet at the first sign of illness, lepto isn't a big deal.

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    I have had the same debate and I am still up in the air over it. My Lab does not get it because my vet waivered on the matter so it scared me. After I researched it I found out certain breeds can not get it or have a higher death rate. I know Golden Retrievers and Poodles were two of the breeds and Labs are close to the Goldens so I did not give it to my dog. I adopted my brother's Pit Bull when he died and the dog had already received the vaccination, so he continues to get it with no problems.

    I called several dog breeders that I am friends with and they were all against it so it really alarmed me. The risks scare me.

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    It depends on where you take your dogs. Deer feces is a very common way that dogs can come into contact with leptospirosis.

    I don't vaccinate for it.

    I also don't vaccinate for bordatella. Kennel cough only causes a real problem in the rare chance they should get pneumonia from having it. I have had a dog get an infection from the intranasal, and the only time I have ever had kennel cough was when I had given the vaccine, and I have been going to dog shows for 30 years.

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    I wont vaccinate any of my dogs or cats unless I have to (state mandatory rabies once a year here in TX) I only do it once in a lifetime when they get spayed or neutered. Then again all my dogs eat raw food and have better immune systems than kibble fed pets.

    Its sick when you realize they place some vaccines in the rear leg just so the leg can be amputated not killing the cat or dog. To me that is not a successfull vaccination.

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    When we have had reactions to it but know the signs and give it anyway. My mom's dog gets a shot without because of his reaction and still has to take an allergy shot with his vaccinations.

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    Find out if there is a high incidence of it where you live If it is not a problem skip it. Since it is not a problem where I am located I do not vaccinate for it.

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    personnally I feel that it is your choice. If you feel that the VACC is too dangerous then dont. otherwise if there havent been any adverse effects from the medicine keep on keepin on

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