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what would you die from first removing you brain or decapitating you self this is not ideas for suicide?

this is an agrument between me and my friend

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    Well, the body lives for a few moments after the brain is removed (this counts for decap, too) and the body is trying to ajust to the shock of it all, But as for instant death? I'd say Decap.

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    It works out to be the same thing. Decapitation separates the brain from the body and the brain is the organ ordering the life functions. If you could leave the brain and remove the rest of the head the body could continue for a time.

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    probably decapitation if only because removing someones brain would take quite some time and a power saw.

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    As other answerers have pointed out, decapitation and brain removal amount to the same thing.

    Obviously removing a brain from a skull is a rather more involved process than simply chopping a head off, and I suppose you could prolong the dying process by slowly pulling the brain out rather than quickly severing the spinal cord, in which case decapitation makes for a swifter death.

    I would not recommend decpitating yourself, best leave this to an experienced professional.

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  • Bella
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    1 decade ago

    decapitation will kill you outright,So will removing the brain,thy both do the same thing

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