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I need a really great Dr. ( Michigan)?

I just found out I am pregnate for the 4th time. I really want this to be a great exsperiance. The other three pregnacies were stressful and I didnt like my Dr. If anyone Has a great Dr. to recomend I would be so very greatful! I live in Michigan, in the livonia area.

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    Anyone that works out of st. marys hospital. They were wonderful with my son a year and half ago. orginally i had a '"beaumont doctor". but because i was only 38 weeks pregnant they sent me home, and during the way home my contractions were so bad we had to stop at St. marys hospital, and my son was delivered 50minutes later. He was in very critical condition due to the stress of the car ride, but they took wonderful care of him immediately. Sorry i don't have a specific name,but i would recommend that hospital.

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    I suggest interveiwing a couple OB's in your area and find one that is right to you. Remember a great doctor to one person, maybe a horrible match for another.

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