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Child Development or Psychology? Which one is easier?

which class is the easiest?

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    These classes are very similar. I would say that child development is easier as psychology has many more medical terms. Here is a plus for each to help you make your decision. Child Development is helpful when you someday have your own children, you know what to expect a bit more. Psychology is helpful if you have a strange family, you may begin to understand people better. I majored in Child Development with a minor in Psych.

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    I took a class that was "Psychology of human development" and then I also took "Psychology." I'd have to say that psychology was the easier of the two. The human development class focused mainly on child development but it had a TON of pyschological issues infused within the course.

    Psychology = A

    Development Class = B+

    I'd go for psychology.

    Source(s): Took both. :D
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