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Does wireless G work with wireless B?

My friend has a wireless G networking card for her laptop. I have a wireless B router. Her laptop is not picking up the signal. Any solutions? Does she need a wireless a/b/g card for her laptop instead?

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    802.11b came out first, then 802.11g followed. They work on the same frequency, so they are backwards compatible. 802.11b runs at 11Mbps and 802.11g operates at a maximum of 54Mbps. If you are connecting to a router equipped with 802.11b, you maximum speed will be 11Mbps, no matter what kind of card you have in the comp.

    As far as not recognising your network, make sure the card is installed correctly. If the laptop is WindowsXP, the wireless card should show up under Network Connections in Control Panel. If the computer does not have WinXP, you will need to download software for the card on the manufacturer's website.

    If you have WinXP and the card shows up in Network Connections, but you don't see your wireless network listed in the network list, then reset your router by holding in the reset button on the back.

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    Wireles G cards are backwards compatible with B, but the speed will be B.

    Have your friend re-scan for wireless networks.

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    i do beleive they do. However, for example, if you have b as your router and g in your laptop the data will be slower. The b can only send so fast. do your self a favor and go g. other than that i do not know. good luck

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