Do you know illegal immigrants costing a taxpayer $11 per day for their healthcare?

I just read this article in Yahoo not too long ago. I wish I still have the link but it so surprising that we as a taxpayer spends $11 per day to support their healthcare. That is around $300 per month. I don't even have my own health insurance because I can't afford one.

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    Is that $11 per taxpayer per day? If so, that seems high. Same here - no insurance. Where can I sign up with the illegals?

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    This is something we ALL complain about, they get this, they get that, and they don't pay taxes. Well, the truth is that a whole lot of them DO pay taxes. Any undocumented immigrant who receives a paycheck pays State and Federal taxes. They also pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, just like all of us citizens. Some of them don't get to claim taxes at the end of the year while Uncle Sam happily has pocketed the monthly collected tax money. They don't get to retire with a social security income; again the monthly collected tax money goes to pay retired U.S. citizens.

    There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Now, let's think about this: out of these 2 million people, let's say only 50% of them receive a pay check (as opposed to working under the table) how much money do you believe Uncle Sam is receiving from the other 6 million??? Also, I bet that a lot more than 50% actually receive pay checks.

    Another thing, they are NOT allowed to receive a social security number BUT they are able to build a credit, purchase homes and cars. How you ask? Well, for "TAX" purposes they are given a number, just like a social security number, it starts with a specific digit which lets the IRS differentiate these numbers from the social security numbers we have (which show WE are eligible to work in the U.S.) . At they end of they year, when they file taxes, they are reporting yearly income. Remember, the IRS issues these numbers for 'tax purposes only', at year end they are receiving their yearly reported income...HELLOOO!!! Don't you think the IRS knows these “tax only” numbers are being used ILEGALLY for work??? Why are these individuals not turned in? Why are they allowed to report taxes when they are not allowed to work legally? Don't you think Uncle Sam is laughing all the way to the bank too? Even if they cost $11 per day to support healthcare, this is for those who apply for the government provided healthcare. Some of them don't even qualify because, again, their reported income exceeds the minimum income. So, not all 12 million undocumented immigrants are on government provided healthcare.

    I am against people coming to the U.S. and taking advantage of our system but at the same time, we have to open our eyes and see that there is a reason why the government continues to allow this. They are getting their pay off too!

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    i know how much BS is that i think if illegals go in anywhere where they have to show ID like circle K or HOSPITALS and they don't have proof they are here legally they should be held captive until the police come and pick them up, and drop them back off on there side of the desert and make them get home the same way they got here!!

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    I am not surprised in the least. Don't count on illegals to care, they won't and don't. It is time to stand up, America! Enough is ENOUGH! And, stop voting liberals into office! They're the ones who started all this crap, giving to the "poor" regardless of US status! (Only the American poor deserve help from other American's!) What were you voters thinking of? Stopping the Iraq war??????? Boy did they FOOL you! They don't want to stop ANY war, it makes MONEY! Liberals are in control of the House and Senate now, and your children will be drafted into the military because liberals want them to, to keep the war going. Men, and women, 18, and older. Tsk, tsk, next time understand your vote, and who it is you vote for. Liberals suck the life out of taxpayer's, same as illegals, they always have, and always will.

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    Is that how much it is? Can you find out how much it costs me to furnish medicaid to all of the females that have one baby after another. You know that entails paying for their care (medical,dental and vision) while they are pregnant, the delivery and the baby for who knows how long after.

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    i think there costing us more then 11.00 a day i feel if you not here legal and you go into a hosptial are doctor they should pay full cost are not be treated cause these illegal mexicans dont pay there bills

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    Unfortonately that doesn't surprise me.

    Just another reason why we need to do something about illegals!!!

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    If you were as smart as the illegals, then you should be able to figure out how they are getting their bills paid, join them, and stop whining about your life!

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    Wow how interesting!

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    1 decade ago

    How much more would your food cost if the farmers, slaughterhouses and canning plants actually covered their health insurance ?

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