What sort of excuses do you give your boss if you didn't report to work for 3 days?

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    Well there are two answers:

    1. If you called in sick on the first days, then all you have to do now is provide a doctors note. If you werent really sick, just make one. Use photoshop or pagemaker and design one. Make sure to have a friend sign it.

    Employers usually dont verify doctors notes, so have one faxed in from a local fax machine (dont use places like Kinkos because that shows up on the fax), if you have a friend with a fax use that one. If not, use one at a grocery store or a career center, also, you can play like you are staying at a cheap hotel, and ask to use thiers.

    Make it believable, have a normal excuss without giving to much information. Create or steal a letter head and logo (can be found on most doctors/hospitals webpages) and include the correct phone number and fax as well as web address.

    It should be dated and in a sealed envelope with the same logo on it.

    The letter should be addressed to the HR director at your job, encluding the date.

    Under that should be your name (last name first) and the last four digets of your social security number centered with RE: in front of it.

    It should read: Please excuse (name) from (dates) to (date).

    He/She was treated here for a mild infamitory infection, he/she will be able to return to work on (date).

    If you have any questions, please call our offices (number).

    Signed: ___________________________

    for Dr.... (name) at such and such offices...


    2. If you havent called in... I suggest you go to the hospital and get checked out if you are wanting to save your job, get a REAL doctors note, and then fax it with a short explaination that you were too ill to call in, and the hospital was SUPPOSE to call on your behalf... Then act surprised when your boss says he hadnt heard anything, appologize, and assure him that you have faxed over the doctors note AND you will be bringing him a copy of it saying that you were treated.

    Appologize A LOT and tell him that you will ensure that it NEVER happens AGAIN!

    ~Good luck.

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    An excuse is the least of your worries.

    A person who does not report to work for 3 days and has not given their reason in advance is generally considered unreliable and will be removed from their employment by being fired. The only possible reasons that would be an acceptable excuse would be death, a verifiable medical case of amnesia, or kidnapping, and even in these cases, an employer would expect a relative or friend would let them know what has happened.

    If you have to make up an excuse to attempt to keep your job, then you don't deserve it.

    Employers expect and deserve to have their employees notify them of expected absences and are not required to hold a job for a person who is not reliable.

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    I have been off work for more than 3 days at one time or another, but I phoned in on the 1st day to report in sick.

    If I was off for any other reason, & hadn't phoned in to "book off" then I would tell the truth about why I was away, & if it wasn't a valid reason then I would expect to be terminated from my job.

    Any lame excuse that is offered that isn't a valid one will get you the same result, so why make yourself look any more rediculous in the process.

    In todays world with such advanced communication methods it would be hard to believe any excuse why you didn't at least have the courtesy to phone in to say you weren't comming in for awhile.

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    Management would likely ask for a doctor's note or "proof" of a family emergency, if illness or family stuff are the excuses you tried to use. Honesty, and a forgiving boss may be your only hope, but I'd get a bus map for the ready, to head to the unemployment office, if you get canned. Good luck and ideally learn from your mistakes.

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    mind telling us what your real reason is? maybe it is better than anything we can come up with...plus it's real.

    it would have to be something huge: in hospital, unconscious somewhere, kidnapped, etc.

    they won't believe it, so you are probably out of a job. what you should try to do (if you really want/need this job) is make amends, recognize that you made a huge mistake, talk to the boss about it, talk about what you can do to make it up, take less or zero sick days and vacation days for the next 6 months, kiss some butt, and pray.

    realize that most likely, you are fired.

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    Whoever said doctor excuse is probably about 12 yrs old. Buddy, you are probably completely fried. There is no great excuse, you really need to be honest if you want your job.

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    About the only way to possibly keep your job is to blame it on relationship problems(lost my girlfriend), medical problems (lost my voice), or career problems (lost my willingness to work). You could always go grovelling back stating that you were gonna quit due to a mid-life crisis. No easy answer.

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    A doctors excuse.

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    Generally that's the point when you need to submit your letter of resignation. If you didn't call in or anything, I don't think you'll have the opportunity to explain.

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    Kidnapped by pygmys but managed to escape.

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