Can you register your plates in one state if you are on probation in another state?

My roommate had a misunderstanding with law enforcement and was accused of DUI. She pled not guilty and the case has been delayed for two years now. I am moving to another state, and I want to take her with me! I dread the thought of having to find another Mormon roommate. Her lawyer said that once the trial happens, there should be no problem transferring her probation if she is somehow found guilty as she has no prior record or anything. Right now, she can't travel for more than 150 miles outside of the county though. I'm wondering 1. if it would be possible to have her drive her car out of the state before trial; 2. if it would be possible for her to register her vehicle in in the new state when she gets there; and 3. if she tries to register her vehicle, will she get arrested at the DMV? I know some of you will probably answer that she is a drunk Mormon and deserves to die, but that is not my question. I don't want to convince her to go and have her thrown in jail..


Yes she is Mormon or LDS. No she does not drink, smoke or use drugs. She was pulled over for bumping a curb while changing a CD. Unfortunately, it was late at night. She did not want to get out of the car, because she was not wearing a bra and felt uncomfortable, so they did not administer the breathalyzer test. She had her license suspended, but she has it back now. Thanks for your help!

Update 2:

Yeah, I don't want to wait another two years for this trial to happen. I don't want judgments, people, I need answers. What will happen if we leave? There is no way to speed up the trial as they keep delaying it. The prosecution knows she is an active LDS member and does not drink, so we think they are avoiding an difficult trial by continuously postponing it. Meanwhile, she has had to cancel two vacations and can't even visit her family on the West Coast. For two years!!! I was with her when she got arrested, and i can honestly say she was not drunk. She was a bit moody and tired when she spoke to the officer, and he didnt seem to understand why it would be uncomfortable to get out of the car with no bra. Since she didn't explain herself and was kind of defensive, they took her right there. Again, no judgments, just what will happen when we leave?

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    Ok first off if you are moving farther than the 150 miles then all you are doing is looking to get her in trouble. Why cant she just move down with you later after her trial or is it possible for you to wait til the trial to make your move? IF she goes to the DMV as it is a govt runned place they will know and she will be in even more touble . Do you need her for her car ? cause this seems t o be the basis of your question.. If not then you need to do what you need to do and not involve her she is already in enough trouble

    Why would you say someone would call her that...that is rather odd you would think that ..

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