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Is it true that ...?

Females wear the pants in relationships nowadays ..?

...and if so it because they want to ...?

...because there are no real men around anymore ... and they have to ..?

...or because guys would just do anything for a easier/quiet life .... and just think that as girls seem to want it so badly ... that they should just let them get on with it for the sake of peace ... or even for pete's sake...??!!

...or any other reason ..?

('SHE' asked a question about this yesterday ... and it got me thinking)

answers on Yahoo! answers postcard please ...

Dr Bad

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    Bad you know girls want it all ways,lol...they want to wear the pants...but be wined an dined...earn as much as their man...but still be slapped on the a*s and called wench...have the doors opened for them and yet still secretly want to be chained to the kitchen im for it...;0)

    too few men and women left to answer this i fear Bad...

    Source(s): and for everything else...;0)
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    Last time I checked, both male and females wore pants. Thats how relationship problems arise. Nobody has to be labeled as "wearing the pants in the relationship". A relationship is composed to to equally valued people. It has nothing to do with who has a higher power. It's a 50/50 commitment.

  • i can say i don't completely wear the pants in my relationship... me and Matt both wear the pants about certain things! He tells me what he does or doesn't want me to do and i tell him the same. Plus, when you truly love someone, you will go to the extinctions of letting them do some of what they want and like but if not then it is a one way relationship and it's not equal so therefore someone always ends up unhappy!

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    first of all i can't use Yahoo!postcard because i'm now staying in Malaysia. you should visit it for the next year.

    females wear it because they should aware with their surrounding,nowadays the world is getting dangerous for the creature to live on it. there were so many criminal around you. so that female just should always aware with their surrounding.....

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    Yeah for a second I thought you started to sound like her now...LMAO...There is room for only one "She" and one "Dr. Bad" here...LOL

    I think men say "yes dear" to advoid talking about it therefore it seems as thought they wear the pants...but each couple is different...

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    I think everyone should just wear kilts...

    Kilts and no panties.

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