How do you keep people from sending junk mail in your Email address?

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    By registering a new email address that is unusual (i.e. definitely not a dictionary word), and don't ever publish that on the web or use it to sign up for anything. To give you an example, I have one email address I check once in a long while which I use for signing up websites etc; one private email address which I check almost everyday for communication with friends; one business email address for dealing with acquaintances etc; and of course the work email address.

    If you must continue to use your current email address, use a spam filter. If you use yahoo mail, there is already an in-built spam filter, but sometimes junk mail still gets through. Whenever it does, you can report that particular mail as "spam" - I use Yahoo mail and I find this helps reduce the number of spam mails.

    Oh, and here's a useful link:

    Hope this helps.

  • Malone
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    Just keep deleting them, there is really no fail safe way to stay off the list. Don't EVER click the link to be removed as suggested above! All that does is get them to remove your name, but they will sell your name and e-mail at that point to someone else, and before you know it you're getting more spam then ever (as they now know it's a valid e-mail addy that you're using). When you sign up for things, use a different e-mail address then your mail one, that will help cut down on spam for your mail e-mail account.

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    Usually at the bottom of the email there is a link to unsubscribe click that it takes 3-7 days sometimes.

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    sometimes theres a link in the email asking if you would like to unsubscribe from them

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    Punch them in the face!

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