Do you know of a wedding photographer in the Seattle area?

I'm helping to plan my little sister's wedding, and the photographer we used at my wedding is already booked. Now, we're looking for suggestions and recommendations for the photographer. Do you know of a good wedding photographer in the greater Seattle area?

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    I would recommend visiting online website such as,, and They have price comparison for the vendors (Caterers, Decorator DJ,videographer, florist, and photographer) you can choose.

    One problem I had with my wedding is that it is hard to locate vendors in most website as most likely they group by states and there are too many of them that are too far from me and I have to look at each site to figure out.

    The sites I provide above have an easy to use layout to show you pictures, pricing and location in one page plus, you can send out your inquiry for matching vendor to contact you. That saves me lots of time to locate the best vendors with the right price. I like weddinglenox the best as they have zipcode search.

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    Here are some suggestions:

    Photo Elan

    Seattle, WA

    Phone: (206) 351-9080

    Joe & Jill Photography

    23632 Hwy 99 Ste F, PMB 260

    Seattle, WA

    Phone: (425) 774-8820

    April Greer Photography

    Seattle, WA

    Phone: (360) 970-4032

    Derek Pearson Photography

    Seattle, WA

    Phone: (206) 979-2113

    Hemminger Photography


    Phone: (206) 235-1156

    There are more suggestions at

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    I am using Bella Pictures. they are out of San Fran. but do photography all over the US ( i live in Ohio)

    try the site to see if they are in your area they are AWESOME.

    Also, try signing up for The Knot it is a life saver! You can search there for vendors in your area for everything! good luck!

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    Yes, my sister is an execellent photographer in Seattle. You can contact her here:


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