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Help me please, I need advise!?

how should i break up wit my bf? through a note, or words? I dont want 2 hurt him!

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    the best way to tell him that you don't think you 2 should date anymore is through words. if you don't want to hurt him, then sit him down and tell him that you 2 need to talk and take it from there. don't be too rough on him... you never know, he might truly love you. i jsut recently got put through that 3 months ago!

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    No matter what you do you are going to hurt him.. i suggest you talk to him but don't go right into the break up explain to him in a way that makes him realize that that's whats best. maybe give him a chance to explain himself about whats been going on in the relationship.. Take in consideration that maybe there is a chance of you guys getting back together.. and just let him know that its what you want.

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    Words. Its better to tell somone straight to their face how you feel. Sure it hurts, but its going to hurt either way. If you do it in a note you look chicken.

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    If you don't want to hurt him then you have to stay with him forever.

    Seriously, you face him and tell him the truth about why you want to break up. Don't drag it out, but be prepared to answer a few questions. Then again, he may want to break up to and he could be wondering how to tell you.

    Good luck.

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    Your breaking up with your boyfriend no matter how you tell him its going to hurt because you are breaking up with him. I always thought it was chicken sh!t to break up over a note just tell him to his face or over the phone.

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    Well im sorry but your going to hurt him either way. So you might as well just tell him straight up. I like it when a girl just says things and doesn't play games or mess around with me. I hate that

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    if u dont wanna hurt him then why do u want break up??just chill no need to have break up n after that u wan then go for words so atleast he can knw the reson.

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    be a woman! do it to his face, dont add salt to the wounds. if your under 14 then i guess a note cant hurt

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    Its' no easy way but just be honset with him and let him know that you don't want to hurt him but you no longer are interested in him good luck

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