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Can stem cells really cure Diabetes?

Is there some process that is theoretically recreates a new pancreas using stem cells?

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    Stem cells from cord blood already cures many diseases, and they are close to curing diabetes.

    They are working hard to find a cure using cord blood, but that is not making it into the news like it should. Cord blood stem cells are saving lives and embryonic ones are not. There is no need to research embyonic stem cells, as we have so far to go and so many diseases being cured right now with cord blood. But the money is not in the cord blood, therefore the drug companies will continue to push with their lobbyists for embryonic money.

    Source(s): You can start at There is a good bit of information on there, then you can just search what you want from there. Diabetes is one of the disease that will be cured from cord blood stem cells.
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    Transplanting stem cells into a Type 1 diabetic without correcting the defective autoimmune response first is worthless. The trabsplanted cells will be killed off in the exact same way as the original cells. THIS is the major barrier to a Type 1 cure.

    Many long-term Type 1 diabetics have actually been shown to have residual small amounts of beta cells/insulin (See Joslin 50 Year Medalist Study). Further studies have shown that the body is actually trying to create NEW beta cells despite the presence of autoimmunity, but that the autoimmune attack is still present and killing them off.

    Dr. Faustman, a Harvard researcher, found that when she was able to stop the autoimmune attack in mice, beta cells were actually able to regenerate, with what appears to be help from the spleen. This went completely against what scientists had thought, and hence why we still don't have a cure for Type 1 diabetes more than 80 years after the discovery of insulin and after millions of research dollars have been wasted on transplants. No one was addressing the root CAUSE of Type 1, which is autoimmunity.

    Now, many other researchers are duplicating her findings. The next step is to see if we can do it in humans.

    Go to for more info on Faustman and other autoimmunity/regenerative work.

    There are also drugs on the market shown to increase beta cell mass, but they are used for Type 2's. If we can stop the autoimmune attack in Type 1's, these drugs may help them as well. Even for those who will still need a transplant, the issue is fixing the autoimmunity first.

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    The diabetes sickness can be helped simply by starting a handful of change in lifestyle. The eating plan really should comprise of fiber rich as well as unprocessed foods. Consume four to 6 meals spaced equally through your day. Start up doing exercises on a regular basis. Supplements can help too. Flax oil, a multivitamin with minerals, gymnema sylvestre, garlic, onion, and chromium might be helpful.

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    In theory it is possible to regenerate any organ or tissue in the body from stem cells. However, there is much more work to do to make this a practical reality.

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    stem cells cures cancer, sure it will cure diabetes

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