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Who wins in a fight.....?

Dante from Devil May Cry....... or Kratos from God of War?

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    different question, but i'll give my opinion on both


    awesome gun skills

    kick a** outfit

    has devil mode


    roman times

    godlike powers

    awesome acrobatic skills

    in my opinion it depends on the arena they battle on...

    flat/normal:probably Kratos

    uneven: probably Dante

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    Dante, he can walk around with swords IN HIM.

    And Shao-Lin, the guy from Ninja Gaiden is named Ryu

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    dante hell yeah. guns, swords, demon form, he can fly , rocket launchers, gernade launcher, run on walls and many more.

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    Ninja Gaiden jumps in and kills them both before they even see him.

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