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Anybody? :(?

dose anybody hate people cuz every body hates them. soooo deprested

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    Unfortunately a lot of people are followers in life. If someone says they don't like you, they are the people that will follow without reason. This is one of man kinds biggest cruelties. It really is a shame too, because most of those people don't realize what a good person their missing out on getting to know. Personally I hate this quality in people. I think everyone should make their own decisions on a person and not be directed by someone else's thoughts. I really hope you're not going through this, and if you are, hang in there. Someone will see what a great person you are and will want to get to know you better. Take care Hun and try to keep your chin up!

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    I used to feel that way and I got sick of being the one who was hated and I looked out and tried to make friends and not care what other people thought of me and if they didnt like me screw them if they did more the better. I used to be so scared to go out in public because I thought everyone was making fun of me but really they werent. Find some friends who will bring you up and not down

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    is this happening to you? its a kid thing i'm guessing your a school , the only thing to remember is that it will be over soon they wont matter when you leave them behind. im sure that you are a cute guy and have alot to offer keep a smile on your face its hard for people to hat eyou when you are smiling

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