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would you be offended?

my girlfriend will drink at parties with her friends, but she wont drink with me when i take her to a party. what the hell is up with that?

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    is she the DD when you guys go out? maybe one of her friends just doesnt drink so she doesnt have to worry about driving home later. i know thats the case with me and my bf. if we go out, he drinks, i dont, because i have no tolerance and wouldnt be able to drive after 2 drinks, but if we go out with friends then usually one of the friends is driving, or we stay out so late that i can actually drink since it will usually wear off before we actually leave.

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    She's probably trying to impress her friends and plays a character that she really isn't. But damn that's F U C K E D should ask her what's up with that on the real though. How come not with you? Besides boy friend I do believe you are also categorized as a friend to? OR maybe she doesn't know how to act when she drinks and does not want you to see her true colors.

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    I don't know. My boyfriend is the same way. When we are at his house by ourselves, he won't drink and when he's out with his friends or they come over he does. People tell me that maybe he wants to be sober when I'm around so he don't act a fool but sometimes I like people better when they've had a few.

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    Well I have a question for long have u two been dating and do u have a rep for taking advantage of girls at paties? If so she might no think she can trust u but if not she might not hink she can trust herself. She might be the type of person who gets really stupid when they drink. So just give her some time to get used to u or to get over her fear of stupidity and u will be much happier. Best of luck!!!!!

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    Maybe she feel's like if she drink's in front of you that you won't see her as the same person. They do say the truth come's out when you are drinking. I'm a female and if it was a boyfriend, then I would feel offended.

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    Don't be offended or anything, but maybe she doesn't trust you quite enought yet to get drunk with you. How long have you know each other?

    Or, maybe she doesn't trust herself enough! She might feel she drinks too much sometimes, but trusts her mates to not let her get out of control.

    Just some thoughts, I hope they help.

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    Maybe she's just concerned about making a fool of herself in front of you. It's ok to do with her friends but if you are still in the early phases of a relationship, it's probably important to her to make a good impression on you and your friends. Give it time, it'll work itself out.

  • well you better watch her cuz she's doin somethin ddduuuurrrttyyy! but talk to her or just give her a drink not knowing what it is and get the truth out it works!

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    'cause she's keeping her cool with you and for you? You want her to drink like a camel and lose control and make a scene that will humiliate you?

    So she keeps her drinking to her girlies

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    maybe she just doesn't want you to see her in a state like she is when she's been drinking

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