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27 weeks pregnant, why do i have sore spot on tummy? it feels bruised, painfull to touch! help!?


im sure i havnt hit it or bumped into anything.

Update 2:

THANK YOU ALL!!! really put my mind at rest, cant thank you all enough, good luck to everyone! xxx

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    Pulled muscle, stretching muscle, the baby repeatedly kicked you in that spot

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    Congrats, I am currently 28weeks pregnant with my 2nd daughter. It sounds like we have had the same pain. I have already asked my midwife and she said it was where the baby had her head, Because she was moving her arms and legs and not flipping over her head started to put pressure on the same part of my tummy and this caused a area which was hard to the touch and felt really bruised. I would still confirm with your midwife tho but I think it will be fine.

    Good luck xx

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    hi! iim 26 weeks preggo and i had the same thing last week.....and my doc told me it was my skin finally streching and the muscels underneath being moved and streched.......mine was right inder my belly button. They said if it didnt get better or hurt to much i could try putting a cold washcloth on it or a heat pad but you cant turn the heat pad up to high :)


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    If there is no bruise on the outside then the baby probably just kicked you really hard there and there is a bruise on the inside. Bring it up to the Dr on your next appt just to be safe.

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    I had the same doc said it was just muscles stretching that makes it that sore! if your worried it's always best to call your doc just to make sure! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & CONGRATS

    Source(s): mommy of 2 lil boys & 19 wks along with baby #3
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    did you hit it somewhere or some thing i mean you might want to get that checked to make sure you did not harm the baby

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