Can I still hook up the PS3 with HDMI cords to my HDTV even if I have one input?

I have one HDTV HDMI input and I use that for DirecTV HD receiver to hook up the HDMI cords to both the receiver and my HDTV input. Was wondering if there are other cords besides the HDMI cords that can still offer graphics from PS3 in 1080i resolution. I know Xbox 360 does that with their HD component cords but don't know if PS3 offers that without having to rely on HDMI cords.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    PS3 offers a component cable to replace an HDMI cable, but the quality will be dimished. you can still get 1080i, just not 1080p. In addition, the quality will be minorly fuzzier because component cables are analog, while both the PS3s output and your monitors output are digital. Therefore the PS3 has to convert its digital signal to analog, and then your monitor has to bring that signal back to digital. with any transcoded files, the quality decreases.

  • 1 decade ago

    Does your receiver have more than one HDMI inputs? If so, connect both the Directv and PS3 to it and connect from the receiver the tv. The receiver will do the video switching.

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