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how can one reduce and finally remove self doubts about oneself?

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    tell yourself that no one is perfect, each person has his own is the right for certain not to like u, as it is your right not to like them.. there is no standard in life...u are a great poet, your friend may be a great basket ball player...another may not care about what others think of him, living on his special way...u should learn to love yourself the way u are...don't look for perfection, no need to convince others u are great...u don't have to. do what makes u happy and satisfied and remember each person has his own point of view..

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    Yes you can reduce and finally remove doubts. Especially about yourself. It just takes time. You just have to face your fears or in this sense, self doubts, and conquer them. Just believe you can, take a big breathe and jump right into it.

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    Use a large auger in the appropriate area, close with laser surgery, rent a large u-haul truck and leave the cargo at a toxic waste dump.

    Source(s): Alfred E. Newman
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    The best way to remove doubt is to emulate those who have absolute certainty, e.g. Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

    Then again an element of doubt is probably a good thing.

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  • enki
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    you can reduce it but will never get rid of it.

    you dont have to.

    doubting yourself is not necesarrily a bad thing, even when you do something good, you will have to doubt when you know it's not entirely good. & even when you did something bad, doubt is one weapon of conscience. it will lead you to getting the best option out without undermining your dignity.

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    by removing all concepts and ideals about ones self and thinking only in terms of positive images that represent a postive self esteem.

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    By training your mind.

    Rule number 1. Never say anything negative about yourself.

    If you follow this simple rule, eventually, you will not even THINK negative things about yourself.

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    though not necessarily the best answer the one currently in vogue is: for women, max factor, maybelline,and more clothes.

    for men: big trucks, expensive cars, and trophy wives.

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    just have faith in what you want to do and do it. don't listen to what anybody else has to say about it. you don't need anyone to believe in you but yourself. others will only hold you back. they don't know what you are capable of. don't let anyone tell you you can't or shouldn't follow your dreams or your heart.

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