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D.J asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

Am I mentally well enough to go back to work?

I worry about death.

I have Schizophrenia,

I get nervous everyday,

I get very nervous everyday

My parents want me to go back to work

I hear voices in my head

I have been off of work for 8 months.

My job want me to come back to work

I am scared to die

I have no money

What should I do?

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    Ok first of all, the people on here that are saying "snap out of it" and "maybe you need to get laid" need to understand that having schizophrenia is not something to laugh about and it certainly isn't something you can just "snap out of." Have you been to a local mental health center to seek help? Are you on any medications? For someone who has a severe mental illness, they may never be able to return to work completely. If you return to work, the stress can create more of a breakdown in your mental health. Don't go back before you are ready, and in order to determine if you are ready, see a doctor. Even then, the doctor may recommend that you stay out of work for awhile longer, or only go back part time. Taking the appropriate medications, the voices should dissipate and you should be able to better cope with things. If you are seeing a doctor now and are on medications, maybe you need to talk to the doc about making some medication adjustments. Just some suggestions. But don't go back to work before you are ready...no matter what anyone tells you. Don't overdo it and don't place more pressure on yourself than necessary.

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    Get to work. Those voices in your head are probably saying, "snap out of it dude, and get a job". We're all going to die someday. Wouldn't it be a shame if you spent your whole life worrying about something you can't change only to regret wasting all that time and energy stressing over the inevitable. When the day of my death comes I'd like to think I will look back at all the positive things, instead of looking back and saying to myself, "thank god this miserable life of mine is finally over, I can stop stressing out now". Lighten up, get a friend, go do something stupid, and irresponsible.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hey David! Do you think you need to get laid? Get the **** out of your room and have yourself some fun, stop worring about dying, everybody as to die someday! Meanwhile you are in your room like an idiot and everybody else is having the fun before they die! Don't be stupid! Get yourself a tan, (well now you missed summer, huh?) guess you will have to settle for an artificial one (once you get some cash!) Go to work and flirt with the first pretty girl you see and have some major fun! Sooner or later you will realize you will forget all the shitty things you were thinking and you will enjoy life a little more! p.s. send me a picture of you! Maybe we can be friends! I used to be a nervous wreck too, until I realized nobody is going to make me feel better but me!

  • tmthyh
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    1 decade ago

    God loves you, and you are precious to Him. Seek God with all your heart, and you will find everything you desired in Him.

    In the Beginning God created heavens and earth.

    God gives you air to breathe and sunshine to enjoy.

    God gives you water to drink and food to eat.

    God gives you a wonderful body and sound mind, to live.

    God loves you, and you are precious to Him.

    Son of God died on the Cross to save us from condemnation.

    Jesus’ love is boundless and everlasting.

    We have the hope of Heaven through Jesus.

    Life therefore has fantastic and glorious future!

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    Source(s): Bible, the guide to Heaven, the handbook for living.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go to a Mental health care center.

  • LIz
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    1 decade ago

    talk to your doctor first.

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