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Where can I find sites for html things for pictures so i can put them on My Space?

Thats not restricted at school..


ummm... Photobucket is restricted b/c of stupid people looking up porn

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    Upload the picture to your myspace pictres the reference it with your own html tags. <IMG SRC=" goes here/picturename.jpg">

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    The easiet way to do it is thru You will have to set up an account but they do all the hard work for you. When you upload pics thru there site they give you three different codes so that you can post your pics pretty much anywhere.

    To post a pic on your myspace page.

    1. go to

    2. set up an account if you dont have one already

    3. upload the pic thru the site.

    4. Copy the second code (the middle one)

    5. paste the code into the edit profile section (you will need to pic where you want the picture to be)

    6. save and submit.

    There you are...

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    you can save any picture to my pictures in your document file. Right click on the picture and save picture as.. Go to a program that makes tags URLs and img. Like and upload them there.

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    go or if you want to make an slide show, you can do it on photobucket and there's also and you have to create an account, but is free and really easy to use

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    Viist this website and copy the code you see that is representing any image and paste in under your profile,

    Thank you.

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    i dont know??

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