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Removing adhesive glue from hardwood floors?

I am in the process of re-tiling my kitchen floor, and I have removed the old tiles, and now I have tons of black adhesive glue stuck on the floor. I have already removed a great deal with a heat gun, but Is there an easier quicker way? Can I put something on it that would make it easier? The stuck on glue is black and its hardened(I make it softer with the heat gun, and then I scrape it off). Thank you for your help!

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    You could install underlayment over the top of what's there now. Depending on what type of tiles you are putting down, you could install 1/4" luaun plywood underlayment or 3/8" or 1/2" tile backer board. The composite type tile backer has marks on it to show where to nail/screw it down and the plywood (according to manufacturors recomendation) should be nailed every four inches and every two inches along the seams. That's a butt-load of nails if you've never done it. If you go with the plywood, or actually the tile backer, it wouldn't hurt to get some floor leveler. Mix it and pour it over the existing floor to fill in the uneveness of the old glue. The stuff sets up pretty fast, so don't mix more than you can handle at one time. (Been there, done that). Always a bigger job than what you thought it would be, right? Good luck and have patience.

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    This works only if you never use a heat gun on your working area again.....use diesel fuel it works very well pour it on, let it soak for 20 Min's and scrape it off

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    I use Vaseline/ petroleum jelly when I have to remove gummy-gluey residue... see if you can make the area oily and then scrape.

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    get a large thick rubber band and rub the adhesive with it sounds funny but it works!

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