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can a boy who doesn't have visa of US and living in US get into a collage?

Many people are overstaying in th US. What happens to their children? They are not allowed to get into a school or collage? Suppose a family enters US by means of tourist visa. But the family starts to overstay, starts to live in the US illegally. Suppose the family has a son/daughter who is mature enough to get into Univercity and he/she obviously wants to. What happens in this case? He/she is never allowed to get into a University even though he has enough knowledge to pass an admission test? or in worst case he will get reported to police by University that the boy doesn't have visa and get punished and deported? Please, I need to know these facts in a detail.

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    It might be possible to get into a community college or lower level higher learning institution, but no, it would be impossible to enter a higher University. Every school requires valid identification and a social secuirty number to enroll and if you cannot provide those, then you cannot enroll.

    I would laso have to say that even if the student is smart enough to get into the University, it is not that straightforward. However, if this student does have the drive and is smart enough, they can probably obtain a US student via to stay in the US and attend University as a foreign exchange student (in spite of the fact they have been living here for a while).

    The family is breaking the law and I hate to be blunt, but I am not in favor of giving special treatment to people who are staying illegally.

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