What is your best tip for successful studying for final exams?

Please post a tip and what your year is in school.

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    study over the course of a couple weeks, never cram, make sure you have the info more or less memorized and move on to the next subject.

    sophomore in college.

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    Some of the techniques that I have found that help me study:

    1. Go to the Library or somewhere where ther are minimal distractions.

    2. Play classical music while studying, research has shown that it helps in studying and increasing brain power.

    3. If possible, study in a group session. This helps to reinforce what you have learned so far.

    4. Read through a chapter, and make notes while reading. Then go over those notes to make a version that has important information that will be on tests. The more times you see the material, the more likely it is that you will remember and understand it.

    5. Get a good nights rest (don't pull all nighters!!) and eat right. This will help you in staying healthy and in the right mind to take your study and take your test.

    6. If you do not have time to cover all the material, quickly go over everything, but then make sure you have a good understanding on a few key areas.

    Source(s): I am in my senior year in college.
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    I am a senior right now. The best way to study for final exams is to have all your notes, books, (exams if they let you have them) and any other materials you may need with you. Find a nice quiet spot (make it comfy, but not to comfy!) and go over your notes, read chapters, highlight, define, and take your own notes. Go over what you think is important. Ask a friend to help you study, sometimes a different view on the class is a great way to study. Take some breaks, you're not a superperson. Don't get stressed, relax, it's just a final. And finally, Don't worry. Stressing about the final will only make it a lot worse and cause anxiety.

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    Outline all your material so that it is organized in your mind and also in your notes so you can review and refresh your memory.

    Both the processes of writing out the outline or note cards, which forces you to summarize the material while highlighting the main points, and reviewing them will help you to absorb, organize, and retain the information for better recall.

    For essay tests, practice writing out answers to given, possible, or most probable questions that may be asked, so that you have a better chance of being able to generate the same on the test.

    I graduated in 1988. I was too scattered to study regularly during the semester, so these methods saved me by helping me to organize as best I could at the last minute. I agree with the other posting that it is better to outline and review regularly as you go, instead of waiting until the very end as I kept doing. But the same system still works of outlining the material so that you associate it together in a structured sequence for easier and more organized recall.

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    set a schedule .. and stick to it

    be realistic make sure that you take a break every hour

    during your breaks have a time that you make sure that you are back working

    oh and i am in college

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