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How do I get out of my apartment's lease?

I took over a lease in September for my apartment. I have until April on the sub-lease. In the three months since I have moved in my car has now been broken into twice. I would like to get out of the lease and not pay to stay here until April, I just don't feel safe. Is there any way to get out of this legally without having to find another person to sub-lease? I live in Illinois.

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    Read your lease - you signed it and should have read it before hand. It may say in there if you can get out and what kind of penalty you would have to pay if so. You may well be stuck if it doesn't make any provision for an early termination.

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    I do not know illinois policy, but I will give u what I know. 1st the property is not liable for your car being broken into, no property can assure u will be safe or without crime, now to u that probably sounds harsh, but let me give u a example, say u were not renting a apt. but had bought a home, do u think the mortgage company would be responsible? It really is the same when u give it thought. The best thing u can do is 1st talk with the property manager, ask or look on your lease is there a cost of relet fee on there? It usually is 85% of 1 months rent, if your manager says or u read that, there is a legal way out, that will not hurt your rental history and will relieve u of owing for the entire lease term, how it works is u give a written 30 days notice to move, make sure u get signature and copy, u r obligated to pay for the 30 days u will still be residing, then at move you will pay the relet fee. If this applies in your state this should be all u need to do to keep good rental history which believe me is so important! Also a property has the right to chrg. for time vacant if u receive such a statement and r chrged say for example 30 days vacancy, u have the right to make sure that apt.was vacant for that amt. of time a property cannot chrg that fee if it is already leased. 1 other option since u sublet can u get a replacement, much easier u would be removed from the lease and all obligation, and u could move, if u have a security dep. it is not to be used towards rent owed, a security deposit is for any damages, excessive cleaning etc. it is not used for a rental debt. In most states that applies, if u sublet and have a deposit u may want to find out if u will get refund or will the new resident have to give it to u, the property usually keeps the deposit in the apt. account, meaning the new subletter would have the deposit on there lease, so they would pay u. You would then sign or even write it yourself that the deposit for the apt. now is the new residents again get a signed copy, reason for this if they pay u they have the right to refund, but it would only be issued to the person it was initially applied to, I know there is alot here to think about, but really your rental history is more impotant than I can stress. Also maybe u might decide to just stay and fulfill the lease, ask yourself this do cars only get broken in there? of course not! TIS THE SEASON FOR HIGHER CRIME RATE. Also did u report break ins to the police? If not u should have, alot of times they will give a property extra patrol if there r reports, I know my residents were always told to call the police asap, and we even had the police catch people doing auto breakins. Also if your manager has not told u this, I will never leave any pkgs. briefcase any item in car in view, it really does make u a target, and I hate saying this but this time of year is the worse!!Seems people want money more and will do anything to get it! I hope I have helped I am sorry for the auto breakin u had to experience, HAPPY HOLIDAYS ANYWAY! ALL WILL BE OK!

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    If you upload him to the rent he'll be anticipated to go a credit score investigate as good and pay a section of the hire in keeping with the leasing manufacturer. This could be your great security. If you enable him to transport in with you at no cost and now not be further to the rent, it's feasible so that you can be evicted and must pay the rest steadiness of your rent interval. Most rent contracts have a piece that offers with folks residing with you for greater than a consult with and the penalties if that is determined to be actual with none notification to the leasing manufacturer. Read your rent for additional knowledge. It could be very feasible to be fascinated by an association like this. Be cautious. You might do extra harm for your possess credit score list than you'll be able to assume.

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    Contact your landlord and ask. Your landlord is the person who has the senior lease, NOT the property owner.

    You will have to continue paying rent until he or she finds a suitable replacement tenant. Given that the property owner will have to approve any subleases, that may take you to the end of your lease.

    If you can afford to pay rent on two places at once, go ahead and move out.

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    Your lease will outline penalties for breaking the lease early. Usually this includes paying a fee of some kind. I suggest you speak with your landlord.

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    You could pay out the remainder of the lease. If you leave, however, the landlord must try to lessen your loss by re-renting the place. If he truly tries and fails, however, you are financially responsible.

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    A sub let would be the way to go. You must let the management office know because there may be a sublet agreement for you to sign. That way, they can direct people to your apartment.

    For once it was a question about my home state and your question was already answered. So it goes, email me if you have questions.

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