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my son masturbates every night?

my 16 year old son masturbates every night in his room, i know this because i have regulary walked in on him in the middle of doing it accidently. he stands or lies their naked rubbing away, he doesnt seem to be bothered that i walked in on him and just carries on masturbating, the worst part is that he doesnt clean up the semen after and leaves the marks on the floor,

what should i do?

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    It's VERY clear from the tone of your inquiry that this secretly turns you on. YOU are the one who definitely needs counseling... Does he grunt like a baboon when you walk in, or does he just ignore you? Does his erection grow larger? You might be able to get a cheap, quick hook up with him if you time it right. That is, if you're willing to ignore that it is undoubtedly one of the strongest taboos in the history of human culture, not to mention illegal in every state, most third world countries, and 30 per cent of the planets in the solar system.

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    Would you rather walk in on your son doing another son or even a girl. At sixteen i think a young person deserve a certain amount of privacy. If you find this behavior disturbing knock before entering. Maybe your son knows that you get your gollys walking in on him so he leaves his family jewels on the floor.

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    Masturbation is normal and not harmful so I am not sure what you hope to accomplish. The only thing I would do is put a hand towel near his bed or wherever to encourage him to clean up after himself. If he is 16 I am not sure why you are walking in on him without knocking though. At 16 he is old enough to have a little privacy and you should knock and wait for his reply before you enter his room if the door is closed.

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    For one, stop walking in on him. Don't you knock first?

    Second, there is nothing wrong with what he is doing, other than the fact that he does not seem to care that you have "walked in on him" and continues to masturbate in front of you, so maybe he has some weird issue about that that needs to be addressed psychologically.

    As for the mess, its his room. Replace the carpeting and/or sanitize the floor when he eventually moves out.

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    Talk to him about the mess he is making, or get a couple of throw rugs for his room. You can wash these a lot easier then the carpet.

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    Stop walking in on him, and get him a box of tissues next to his bed. I admit that masturbating is fun, I would do it all day if I could, but even I would stop and try to cover it up if my mom walked in. As far as the semen goes, it is organic matter, and it is easy to clean. Your son, and other frequent masturbaters like me, shoot semen all over the place. Dont worry about it. It is just 2 more years till he is in college, and his dorm looks like he spilled elmer's glue all over it.

  • Wow... I am guessing he doesn't take you as a threat to him doing this... Does he have pictures or access to the "Playboy" type material? Try to take the things away that may lead him to masturbate and have him clean up afterwords every time maybe then he will do it in a more appropriate manner for instance the bathroom.

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    It sounds like he needs to girlfriend to enjoy life with. Failing that, he should shoot his stuff into the toilet bowl, or have a plastic shopping bag or something similar in the garbage can and shoot into that. As for the mess on the floor, maybe use some of his clothes to clean up the mess. As for him doing his thing in front of you, do you knock on the door before you enter? Why do you walk in on him so often? Why not give him his privacy? It would seem that you enjoy watching him do his deed that you walk in so often.

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    tell him there's nothing wrong in doing it but it's bad manners not to lock his door especially there are people in the house. but then again, you should knock at his door before entering his room. provide him with plenty of tissues so he won't leave semen on the floor.

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    may be it is your fault on spying him frequently or his too much addiction to masturbating.

    coz even he can't stop that even in your presence, then there something wrong with him.

    talk to him freely,coz he exceeded his limit. beware before it becomes worse

    this issue matters

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