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Who wants a fun question? As many answers as possible please :)?

What was the worst decade of trends as related to the fashions, the ideas, and the people? Two: what decade would you have rather've been born in? I would choose the seventies, definitely. Im nineteen and I love Three: What was your fashion no no back in the day? Did you wear mc hammer parachute pants or sported a michael jackson beat it jacket lmao? This is a fun question but be descriptive. Im sure many of us need a good laugh to start off the holidays! Pix would be great :) Goddess bless


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    Worst decade? 80s. Hot pink and neon green...even on the guys! Yuck!

    Preferred decade? 30s. Great music.

    Fashion no no? White socks with black loafers. Too bad I never mastered the "Moonwalk."

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    I was born in the fifties which I think was the best time to be born. There is no other decade I would want to be born. I loved hot pink and big geometric patterns and mini skirts in the 70's.

    No I never wore parachute pants or a Michael Jackson jacket.

    Have a great day and keep smiling. Thank you.

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    The 70s was definitely the decade that style forgot. I still CRINGE when I look at photos of myself (I was a teenager). The hair!! The trousers!! The music!!! It was only saved by the arrival of punk.

    Economically as well (certainly in the UK) it was a disaster. Strikes, shortages, inflation. We very nearly became a third world country. I hated the 70s.

    I know, not that funny, but I do think I'm still traumatised!!

    I liked the 80s. Money, conspicuous consumption. Am I the only person who thought Gordon Gecko was a hero?

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    I wish I was born in the late 1800's before technology. I would have loved to live in the late 1800's.

    As for fashion? I dont like the current fashions. People who dress in all black, people who's pants are arounds thier knees, stuff like that just doesnt look good.

    My worst fashion back in the day was clown pants! The ones that are really baggy by your thighs and then get really tight at your ankles! I wore those when I was like 10-12 until someone finally told me how rediculous I looked.

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    the nineties was the worst in fashion. especially the early nineties. i am 20 and would have loved to be born in the seventies. i like watching discos rather than be in one. i did not like those baggy types. great question. and happy hols.

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    #1....i would say 70's (sorry...)


    #3...zebra print spandex pants and very very BIG

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