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Do anyone know the best way to dispute creditors?

yes would like to dispute my creditors for proof of verification of an account! to see if they have any proof of such. equifax verified this account to be mine! any ideas thanks

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    Well if the account is yours I would suggest you set up a payment plan to pay off your creditors most of them accept a minimum payment of $25 monthly. If the account has not been placed as a negative account on your credit bureau. Then this will keep it from being reported. Miss a payment off of your payment plan and they will not hesitate to put in your credit. As far as an account that isn't yours. Fight it to the end. Report to equifax put a fraud alert on your credit and become your own detective. Ask the companies to provide proof of your signature statements, etc.

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    If you have an account you dont recognize you have bigger problems such as identity theft Formally dispute it with the credit bureaus and the company filing the bill and iff that doesnt work contact a credit bureaus identity theft department you can def get out of any charge you did not make its just a major pain in the A$#

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    you contact the credit bureau and file a dispute. the credit bureau sends the notice of dispute to the company, the company has a certain amount of time to answer the dispute or you win. Its up to the company to prove that you owe them money.

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    This is a process that is well documented. I wrote an article with bureau contact info that may help.

    Source(s): It is easy to clean your own credit report
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    Review this link for FREE form letters to get the process going.

    Good luck.

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