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SERIOUS answers please!! Can animals detect cancer/illness in their owners??

My husband and I have a mini Dachshund who is just like our baby.She sleeps with us, we talk to her all the time just like we do our own children, and she's literally a member of our family.

Well, over the weekend, she started doing something really strange. She keeps sniffing my husband's stomach and his AREA down there, and scratches his stomach like she's trying to dig something out of his stomach. After she scratches at him, she licks his stomach like licking a wound or something.

Last night, when we went to bed, she wouldn't leave him alone.She kept whining and whining and scratching and sniffing at him for almost an hour!

A friend told me that dogs can sense cancer in people, and personally I think that's crazy. But I want some other people's opinions on this.

** She's not in heat, by the way.And for the last couple of weeks, she's been like a leech with my husband...won't leave his side.

What the heck is going on with my dog?

Thanks to all in advance!!


***My husband is perfectly healthy, no sickness, feeling just fine....

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    my sister-inlaw was sick for weeks and her dog would not leave her side she finally went to doctor found out she had cancer she was glad she went, after a few years the dog did the same she went right to dr. cancer had came back. thank god for her dog or we would have lost her. also my mom came for a visit a few years ago my dogs wouldn't let her lay down when we were not home.she was very sick suffering from conjestive heart failure. we didn't know how sick she was. but my dogs would not leave her side when she was up from florida. i suggest your husband get to the doctors for a check up best of luck. i believe dogs can detect if the owner is sick or a family member

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    They have been able to train dogs to detect cancer. There was a show on Discovery channel a couple years ago about that (maybe it was TLC). They took a terrier and got him to be able to detect traces of cancer that even moderin tests couldn't find!

    They have also trained dogs to detect an epaleptic seizure prior to it actually happening. Animals have amazing senses.

    I did a little research regarding the topic of dogs smelling cancer. This shoudl be sufficent enough proof (globally) that it is possible!

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    I think your husband should go to the doctor just to be sure. I have seen several shows that have shown dogs who can sense Cancer. One such showed a woman who took her dog to people and had been accurate in every case. Animals can sense an Earthquake before it happens, this too is one of those mysteries that we don't know much about. Get your husband too the doctor!

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    It has been suggested that some dogs can detect cancer in people. See the following article below from

    Can dogs really sniff out cancer in their humans? The idea of dogs being able to detect cancer may seem far fetched, but considering the physiology of the canine nose, it may be a possibility.

    Dogs have 25 times more smell receptors than humans and bread down concentration of smells 100 million times lower than a human.

    Dogs can be trained to detect drugs and bombs, so why not cancer?

    Training Dogs to Detect Cancer

    Research has been ongoing since 1989 to determine the canine ability to detect cancer and studies have been successful.

    In a study done in Amersham England, published in the British Medical Journal , the researchers set out to find out if dogs can be trained to identify bladder cancer solely on the odor of urine. The conclusion was successful. The dogs used in the study correctly identified bladder cancer in urine 41% of the time. It is evident that bladder cancer gives off an odor or compound that can be dtected by dogs.

    Dr. Armand Cognetta of Tallahassee, Fl, an expert in melanomas, began researching if dogs could detect skin cancer. He enlisted the help of a dog trainer, and with samples of melanomas tried to train dogs to sniff out skin cancer. George, the dog used in the study, was able to detect the melanoma 99% of the time. Further research proved that George could detect malignant melanoma lesions from benign lesions on patients successfully.

    More research is being done to study whether dogs can be trained to detect other types of cancer, like breast, prostate, cervical, and bladder cancer. Initial results show to be promising.

    What could it hurt to have your husband go for a physical? Stranger things have happened.

    Good Luck. Keep us posted on whatever happens.

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    Animals do have senses far beyond imaginable. Yes, I have heard of this happening. But dont rule out simpler things first. Such as a new odor, perhaps hes been around another pet. A new detergent? Could be any number of things that draw the dog to him like that. It couldnt hurt for your husband to have a check up,either.Miracles sometimes present themselves in odd ways. Could be that God is using your dog to send you a message. Dont ignore it.

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    Dogs can sniff out a number of things, even seizures and yes cancer article below.

    Wouldnt hurt to get a physical but I wouldn't tell the doc that your thinking something is wrong cause of your dog.

    Does your husband have any symptonms?

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    Dogs can indeed sniff out cancer, as well as being able to tell when someone (or another dog) is about to have a seizure. This does not automatically mean your husband has cancer, of course, but it wouldn't be a waste of time for him to have a checkup. Doxies have good noses, and are very in tune to their owners.

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    I have heard/read anecdotal stories where this has happened. Like with melanoma for instance, the spot where melanoma is growing dogs have been able to sniff out. And honestly, it wouldn't surprise me anyway as dogs have such a keen since of smell and sometimes are used as assistance dogs with people who are epileptic or whatever, they can sense/smell seizures before the happen.

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    Some dogs can sense illness and cancer. Regardless of whether your dog is one of these dogs, I think a trip to the doctor would be a good idea for your husband.

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    She may not be in heat, but she may be trying to find male affection. Also, I have heard about dogs being able to detect illnesses in people. I would suggest a checkup, especially if your husband starts feeling weird or sick. It would be great if (god forbid) your husband found out that he was sick and the dog saved his life. Your dog would become famous!

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