Big eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

How do I make my eyes look bigger I have green eyes

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    It is actually very simple process! All you need is a little make-up and the knowledge of where to strategically put it. I always make sure I have 3 shadows ( a highlighter and shadow-duo of medium and dark pigments), liner, and a great mascara. First, put your base and all your face make-up on like normal. Than take a highlighting color (a light shimmery color that will catch the light, I like Kitten by Stila) and put it under your brows, inner conner of your eyelids, and the tops of your cheekbones (under the outer corner of eye). Than using your medium color sweep that from the outer corner (concentrating on the crease) to mid-lid. Blend w/ your finger so that there isn't a distinct line. Than take your liner and begin to apply as closely as you can to the upper lash line. You can smudge this to blend; even the line w/ a Q-tip. Than take the liner to the bottom lash line and make sure that it is darkest in the outer corner, smudge for the most part the bottom lash to keep it light. Less liner on the bottom will keep the eye from looking tired and open it up more. Next, take the darkest shadow and concentrate on the outer corner of the eye but lightly sweeping it up into the crease and toward the middle of the eye. Again blend w/ finger when necessary. Lastly, touch up the highlighter and put a good couple of coats of mascara on ( I put it on the top and bottom lashes). My favorite mascara for a bold look is Bad Gal by Benefit. As far as the whole color scheme for the look goes I would stick to warm/rich browns to compliment the green color of your eyes. Hope I helped! It was fun!

    Source(s): Make-up training from Aveda, Origins, and Este Lauder. Also various lessons learned from a life time of art classes and practice. And never discount the lessons of your mother!
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    shimmery lids done by yourself will look horrible and the smokey eye look needs loads of practice so do the following

    1. use a soft black eyeliner to line the inside of your eyes

    2. sharpen the pencil and with a steady hand do a thin line on your lid being as close to the lash line as possible

    3. go over this lightly going right into the corner of your eye

    4.using mascara add a little water to it and brush the lashes at the end of your eye only .

    dos and donts

    do use colours such as deep green , smokey grey charcole and midnight blue

    dont ever extend the the eyeliner out of the eye end

    dont use liquid eyeliner as this can make you look messy and tarty

    do use a tinted moisterizer and not foundation

    dont use a bronzer unless youve been shown be a pro

    do use a glossy nude and light pink lip gloss to show the eyes more

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    Ok, step by step

    1. apply concealer on your whole lid, put some translucent powder to seal and absorbe any grease along the day.

    2.look for a neutral eyeshadow, a bone would be nice, put it on the whole lid.

    3.look for an eyeshadow that is slightly darker than your own skin, a washed out brown or a sheer orange its ok.

    4.take a good look at your eye, see the crease?? with a brush put some of that shadow along the crease, going upwards a little at the corner of your eyes. Blend well

    5.with a brown shimery eyeliner like "teddy" form MAC line the rim of your upper lashes and smudge with a q.tip or a sponge, be careful not to stain the center of your lid, go out a little in the corner of your eyes, blend well with eyeshadow in that part.

    6.with the same brown eyeshadow and a sharp brush line your bottom eyelashes, from the center to the outercorner of the eye, stay close to the rim, smudge.

    7.get a white khol eyeliner, chanel has one and its great, line the innish part of the bottom of your eye.

    8. apply two coats of mascara

    set to go!! your eyes should look brighter and bigger, and the white part of your eyes, whiter because of the white crayon.

    Hope this helps!! Good luck!

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    Plastic Surgery

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    Do not put eyeliner directly on the lid but at the bottom.

    For great makeup tips visit the covergirl website.

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    Use eye liner only on the outside corners of your eyes. Also, line on top of top lashes, and on bottom of bottom lashes.

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    Use a dark dark or dark blue eyeliner on your lower lash and use a dark brown or black mascara for your upper lashes.

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    lght eyeliner and quite heavy mascara no eyeshadow (unless just the smokey gray look)

    (black mascara and eyeliner)

    and you have your perfect wide eye look

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    Use white eyeliner, believe me it works. =)

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