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Do dinnertime discussions get kind of dull in Christian homes?

I can't imagine the conversations

Do they primarily consist of questions like this?

"So, what did God do for you today Jimmy?"

Do you ever discuss the big questions?

Is the answer always "Cos the Bible tells me so....."

Serious question.

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    yes- christians are a dull people.

    you will never have a dinner conversation about post modern cinema, personal opinion of world leaders, any book that isn't part of the Rapture series, etc.

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    You make it sound as if all our conversation is "robotic" or something. We have to live, work, eat, breathe, and die just like everyone else. We have problems, we bleed and experience pain, but we feel like we can take our troubles to God and He'll help us solve our problem through discussion of the Word, study, prayer, and good, sage advice! This is why the "Fivefold ministry" of the NT is structured the way it is; to provide us chastisement as well as council. Our "dinnertime discussions aren't always based on what God did for us on a given day, but they ARE based being thankful and grateful for what we have done and WILL do through Him.

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    Uh, no. We discuss what happened at work, at school, in the news. We actually don't have religious discussions like what you're thinking. ON the days I go to church or my mom goes to church, we talk about what Father said and what we think. If we get a different priest (we go on two differnent days) we discuss the two sermons, but that's normally a once a week thing.

    There is no, "Oh, mommy, I love God so much" kind of gushyness. It's like any other family in the world.

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    My family is Christian and my 2 children are raised in a Christian home. We talk about whatever comes up. Not just religious things. We know where our blessings come from and we are grateful!

    Most of the time, we talk about what happened during our normal day. How do you do on you Math test? Ok, after dinner we have got to get on that project. Well I guess if you need poster board we will have to get to Walmart to get it. Why did you not tell me last week when you found out you had the project to do? That kind of thing.

    We are normal people, doing normal everyday things. We are not freaks that only talk about religion. We do pray each morning on the way to school. Yes my children go to a public school, and we thank God at night for another safe and productive school day. We know God saved our souls and yes we do go to church even on Wednesday night. So we have to work homework, dinner and bath time around that.

    We do not live in boxes of protection from the outside world. We are just normal people. We fight sometimes. I have 2 children, yes they fight and fuss like every other brother and sister. We just live our lives as normal.

    When big questions come up, we have had the sex talk with our son. By himself with us there. Not his sister as she is not old enough for that yet. We talk and we listen.

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    We talked to our boys about mom's surgery next week. She won't be able to much until after Christmas. We are getting all the celebration preparations done before then, decorating the house and preparing for all the family to get together here. They will have to get by with dad's cooking for a while and need to help with mom.

    We talked about brother coming home from Oklahoma next week. We talked about sister's husband in Iraq. We laughed at our funny German Shepherd. We discussed what presents we would like for Christmas and talked about going shooting at the range over Christmas break.


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    You need to open up your little mind you know, you could start by trying to finish school and then head off to university or something. Maybe then you could stretch your imagination to that which is beyond the confines of your smelly a$s. Other than that, Merry Christmas to you too, God bless!

    Source(s): Hardcore Christian, everlastingly at it!
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    Ha! you are almost explaining the home I grew up in. Except it was talking about my mother's ''perfect children'' and any religious questions were answered with, ''it's in the Bible'', or it was a ''miracle''. End of discussion-might not fit the perfect Christian image to question anything.

    My mother said decent people do not discuss religion, sex, politics, or philosophies when in public (this rule was for in our home, too). It made for dull conversations anytime, and anywhere. Everything was tabu!

    Glad I have gone on with my life.

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    Christian homes are like every other home in discussing various topics, news weather, sports, history, psychology, sociology, etc. would be boring if religion were discussed all the time.

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    Sometimes we do that, but a lot of the time we just talk about what happened that day. God bless and Merry Christmas

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    Christians are hooked into the creator of the universe- we are anything but dull. The proof is all the questions asked of us.

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    Man, I don't understand why today is Christian bashing day!

    We do not have 'dull' conversations in our home - and they are NORMAL conversations. Have you ever heard the saying, "don't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good?"

    I'm sorry that you know so few true Christians that your image of us is so skewed.

    Merry Christmas!

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