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Are women becoming more attractive or is that just what men see as they age?

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    first ya see them more attractive and next you see them as babies.I've noticed the aging thing too ,young men I would have found pretty hot at one time I now see as annoying pain in the butt immature babies and stay attracted to people in my own age group or older.

    I have reflected on that as I noticed a handsome ,sexy man with wrinkles,how so many years ago I would have found him gross .

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    I think women are becoming more attractive, and they are maturing at a much younger age. I looked at a girl the other day that was very attractive, but found out from a friend that she was a sophomore in highschool. I thought she was in her twenties! I think maybe it has to do with better health these days. Who knows?

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    There are no unattractive women, but I would agree that age does colour my vision.

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