how to make a time travel machine.?

how to make a time travel machine.

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    there is a way to travel through time it is theoretically possible. here's how (this trick obides ALL the laws of physics that we know and does not involve faster than light speeds or wormholes or anything like that)

    first you must understand a few things about time

    1. for classical objects (such as people and planets) time is a one-way thing.

    2. Time is as much of a dimension as any of the co-ordinate dimensions (x,y and z). so the x,y,z and time are called 'space-time.

    3.Spacetime is bent by massive objects, this is what gives us the illusion of gravity and such phenomena as black holes.

    Ok. Time is a dimension just as much as x,y,z but in time we can only go forward, if we descibe this in (say) the x co-rdinate it is like only being able to move right. So imagine if we could move up, down, forwards, backwards and right (not left) this is the kind of restriction that time has. now if you need to move left (travel back in time) all you need to do is change you orientation so that your left is now where your right was (so jut turn around) this is essentially the same idea. We need to switch time for one of the 3 space dimensions. An American mathematician (Frank Tipler) has proven this theory to work mathematically without breaking any known laws of physics.

    (now come the practical complications)

    To build your time machine you need something with as much mass as the sun, then you need to compress it to be as dense as an atomic nucleus in the shape of a cylinder, such that it is about 100km long and has a radius of 10km . Now all you need to do is make it rotate twice every millisecond so that the outer surface has a speed of half that of the speed of light.

    This so-called millisecond-pulsar will drag the fabric of space--time around with it and exchange time for one of the space dimensions. making time-tavel possible.

    This does work in theory but the prospects for ever building such a machine are not good. there is an object in our universe that has the right mass and density but rotates only once every 1.5 millisecond, 3 time slower than required.

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    5 years ago

    I have answered the same question yesterday. In theory it's possible if you go faster than the speed of light ( check out the theory of relativity) In reality it's no possible YET. I said YET because an american black physicist is trying to accomplish that mission by using the laser, I'm not going to explain what he's doing you'll not understand it, I'm telling you that he got some impressive results. I assume that by 2020 we'll have a time traveling machine BUT NOT FOR HUMANS, FOR ATOMS OR DUST...

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    well you can google einstiens theory, where you basically travel faster than the speed of light, so fast you basically catch up with yourself, erm but in reality it isnt going to happen, because if it did, you'd proberly come backfrom the future and leave yourself a winning combination for the lottery, ot sommink like that, if you cud, wud youreally wanna see whats to come it might not be nice. I promise I'm not a geek, just tried to answer it, and I think we're bothnone the wiser lol, cant you ask about girls instead, like how to get her back, instead of traveling through time

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    Read a physics book. You might understand why you wouldn't want to do this. According to the theory of relativity you can travel forward in time but not back.

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    Simple. When you decide to build a time travel machine, make sure your future self will send it back to you (or at least a diagram or something you can use.)

    If you never receive it, then you won't build one.

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    When ever to go out and travel bring ur watch or a clock, and time will travel

  • 5 years ago

    say time machine 3 times and there u go

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    You don't need a machine. Jump off a very tall building and shout "I can fly" three times. Then one of two people will take you anywhere you want to go.

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    1 decade ago

    first, you need to solve the problems of quantum physics and the ability to travel faster than the speed of light...

    get back to me after you do that and I will give you further instructions...

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    Tie a sharp blade horizontally to a piece of string, tieing it to both of its ends. Throw the string over anything on the ceiling and catch it when it comes back down (so that when you pull the string the blade lifts up). Lie on your back under the blade while it's suspended in the air, then simply let go of the string and watch life fly before your eyes!

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