how to change a water pump on a 99 alero 3.4 v6?

the back of it is leaking, the guys at the shop want 250, online its 30 bux for a new pump,, before i shop around autoshops or order a new pump,, can anyone give me a step by step? so i can save around 200 bux.. I usually do my own repairs but i need someone to tell me how to do it. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Disconnect negative battery cable.

    Drain cooling system.

    Loosen water pump pulley bolts.

    Remove accessory drive belt.

    Remove water pump pulley.

    Note locater tab near 12 o'clock position at top of water pump housing for installation reference.

    Remove water pump retaining bolts.

    Remove water pump and gasket.

    To reinstall reverse above procedure, make sure you use a new gasket and that the locator tab at top of water pump is positioned vertically.

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