Is it unsafe for Americans of East Indian origin to travel to Karachi, Pakistan?

Hi there. I am a 33 year old East Indian Muslim male and recently married a lovely Pakistani woman from Dallas, Texas. She really wants me to visit Pakistan one day as she is from Karachi. I was born and raised here in the USA and from what I see on the news from bombings of Western targets such as KFC, and bombings all over the country, I am a little apprehensive about visiting. She understands but she still wants me to go. Do you think I have a right not to go that is legit? I mean, I am sure most Pakistani's are law abiding citizens but just the anti american sentiment from what I always see and hear on the news is disturbing. Would you go there if you were not Pakistani?

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    pakistan is almost NOTHING like how it is shown on tv. so many people go there and it's safe. imagine you live in a foreign country with no idea about america.and on the news you see lots of murders and robberies and natural disasters and other horrible things on tv...but america isn't really like that. i would go and you should definitely will be a great experience

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    Your safety is at risk if you are traveling with a US Passport.

    The U.S. Passport is probably one of the worst passports to have

    as Americans are really hated all over the world. Mostly thanks to Bu$h. I have been to Pakistan myself in 1975 . Very nice and interesting country. great food, people are very nice. suggest you go and experience that part of our world. go there with your lovely Pakistani wife. Just don't tell anyone you are American. Tell then you are from Trinidad&Tabago in the Carribean Man.

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