who the jets have to beat to get in the playoff what has to happen?

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    The loss to Buffalo derailed the Jets' plans to make it to the playoffs this year.

    While they are not mathematically eliminanted, the plug is about to be pulled. I will assume that they will not catch NE for the divison lead. Fighting for the final two playoff spots, they have two teams ahead of them in record, and two teams tied with them for the same record. Of these four teams they own the tiebreaker only against KC (better conference record). Jacksonville has a one game lead and has beaten the Jets already this year, so essentaily the Jags have a two game lead with three to play.

    Barring a complete meltdown from NE and assuming the Jags are in, the Jets need to win out and hope that Denver and Cinncy don't make it to 10-6. Denver and Cinncy both play in week 16, so this makes it even more challanging for the Jets. Denver needs go 2-1, Cinncy needs to go 1-2, and/or the Jags need to go 0-3.

    Also if NE goes 10-6 (1-2) or 9-7 (0-3) and the Jets win out, the Jets will win the East.

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    well for the jets to get into the playoffs now they would have to win out and hope that at least one of the teams in front of them and the teams that are right there with them messes up badly the remainder of the way if they had beaten buffalo they would be in a much better position then they are in now but hey look at it this way even if they don't make the playoffs you guys still had a good season considering you have a first year coach and coaching staff and nobody expected anything from you guys as you were supposed to be in a rebuilding mode

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    realistically, they won't go to the playoffs because they'll be playing the dolphins on christmas night, so don't even bother thinking about the jets going anywhere but back home after week 17. J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!

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    Hell has to freeze over

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