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Is there a credit card that is both a Master Card and a Visa?

Is there a valid credit card that is marked with both Master Card and Visa?

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    You can get two separate cards if you want, and there was a time when a bank would issue either card at your choice, but I don't know if you still can do that.

    They both have pretty universal acceptance, Visa might have a slight edge outside the US.

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    No. Actually, Visa and MasterCard don't actually issue credit cards. They provide billing and processing services to other businesses (like banks) who actually issue the cards themselves after going through an approval process with either (or both) companies.

    One business can get affiliated with both, but (as of right now) it is not possible to have a card that is both a Visa and a MasterCard.

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    no - you must choose one or the other of even both

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