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Is it wrong to keep asking someone that you let have sex in your house do they have herpes.?

My friend had sex in my house on my floor with a two guys. Then she sleep in my daughters bunk bed. After the guy left with out washing herself up. And i was the one who set up with these guys.

So now i find out by her prevoius sex partners she my have something.


My friend had sex in my house, on my floor and in my bathroom with two guys. Then when I went to sleep she layed in my daughters bunk bed, without washing herself up. And i was the one who set her up with these guys, who I knew before her. So know I'm finding out by her prevoius sex partners she may hve something. What should i do, because she say she does'nt have it and i don't what to go to jail or she her hurt by these guys.

Update 2:

Don't blame me for here not use protection or for setting her up with those guys. I'm a victim to, because she was in my house. And it's not like i watched her have she with them, I was at work. And hell I did'nt find out until last night, when I ran into an old friend who dated her back in the day. And he told me to scoop.

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    Okay besides this question being gross, so is your friend. But I would probably either bleach or throw away those sheets and then scrub the floors. I would also say something to those 2 guys because you set them up with her, so they know. Because apparently she's not telling anyone what she has.

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    I think it's wrong to set your friend up to have unprotected sex with multiple partners. Now you think she may have a disease it sounds like you blame her, certainly enough to be posting here.

    Poor girl, having no support from her friend and bitchy exes too...

    Edit... In response to your Private Message, why would I blame you for what she got up to? I think that you are blaming her for having a disease that she may not even have been tested for, and may not in fact have.

    I don't understand how you can "set up" a person with two guys, and then tell me that it wasn't for sex... was your friend going to marry both men?

    If you read the above, the only thing I say about you is that you're not supporting your friend by posting this.

    If you want to be a true friend maybe you could offer to accompany her to the clinic for tests?

    I'm now going to disable my email on answers, as I have no interest in pursuing this debate further.

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    thats a personal question. if you are worried about it dont let your friend use your house like that. make sure your place is clean and your sheets are clean then tell your friend to find another place to have sex that you dont want to be in the middle of her sex life anymore.

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