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my wife is 35 years old. She is sufferring from harmonal imbalance?

Is HRT is a good method? Her egg size gone down to 7 mm on 9th day what is the cause and what are the tharepies available?

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    HRT is very dangerous. Be careful there are many bad side effects.

    Try PhytoProlief from Arbonne. It's like $30 without the discount, $19 with the discount (you can use mine). It's botanically based and doesn't have the awful side effects (it has black cohosh in it, among other good balancing properties). One bottle lasts a month and it has a premeasured pump so it's really easy to use. And Arbonne has a 45 day money back guarantee.

    I can get you a PDF document with all of the ingredients listed so she can take it to her doctor for him to look over before she begins it.

    Go to this website and you'll find it under the "shop online" page. But contact me first to use the discount or to get the PDF.


  • Anonymous
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    Try natural first.. Buy her some Black Cohosh at Walmart. It works.Its a herb.

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    WOW I thought was kind of early at 35

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