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What kind of dog should I get and where?

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    I would recommend a rescue dog since there are literally million who are euthanized every year waiting for a home. Try; it will narrow down what dogs are in your area waiting for a loving home.

    If you live in an apartment or small home a greyhound is a great dog. They have been dubbed a 'couch dog' as they are never happier than when they are lounging on a couch or bed! They require very little exercise but can walk for hours if you choose to.

    Dogs like Jack Russels and Boston Terriers require a HUGE amount of play and walk time and are a huge responsibility. They are a good dog for owners who are active but are home more often.

    But like I said try, it's the best site and please consider a rescue. We did and it's the best decision we ever made. The love you get is undescribable.

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    We need more details. Do you live by yourself? Do you have a family with small children or do you plan on having children in the next 10 years? Do you work all day? Do you live in the country with a fenced in yard or an apartment? Are you very active? Do you like to jog or hike? Would you be interested in doing obedience or agility with your dog? Is shedding a problem? What size dog are you interested in? Do you want a "lap" dog or an "active" dog? Do you care if your dog is purebred? Do you need a dog that would be protective (say if you live in a bad area)? If you work, do you have the time to spend alot of time after work with your dog? Would your prefer a puppy (do you have the time to train) or an older dog that's already housebroken? Would you be willing to adopt a "rescued" purebred or mutt that might have some problems (physical or emotional)? Can you groom it every day? Do you have any other pets, if so, what? Whatever the case, DO NOT GET A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE (they tend to get them from puppy mills and way overcharge) and IF YOU GET A PUREBRED, ASK TO SEE THE PARENTS AND ALL OF THE PREMISES. If you don't really care if it's purebred or not, please consider giving an older dog (it can still be a puppy, it'll just be probably atleast 6 months) a second chance at life. Alot of celebrities adopt mutts and they can afford any dog they want. Most dogs you see in movies and commercials are rescued mutts! They are just as smart. If you have your heart set on a purebred, that's fine! There are purebred rescue groups too. If you want a purebred puppy, that's fine too. I got 2 purebred Sheltie puppies and they are wonderful. I had to get purebred because I wanted to do AKC obedience and only AKC registered dogs are allowed. If you have alot of time and are very active and have the space, look into Shetland Sheepdogs. They are probably the smartest breed out there. They are gorgeous! And the puppies are so cute! If you take a Sheltie puppy for a walk, EVERYONE stops you! I got 2 to keep each other company. They are 2 months apart and not related. They will have long coats but they really don't shed much. You do have to brush them atleast twice a week though. This breed is so sweet. They are not as jumpy as Retrievers and they are so eager to please. Look into them. They are wonderful. Anyways, ask again and tell us alot more about yourself! Also, English Bulldogs are very versatile. They are very expensive and prone to alot of costly vet visits. An English Bulldog pup wouldl have every hot woman on the street begging you to hold it, though!

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    get a dog that fits your life style. if you are active and have a lot of room try a Shepard or a Shepard mix. They are very loyal and easy to train. A lot of dogs at shelters are some type of Shepard mix. If you spend a lot of time near water try a retriever. If you live in an apartment without a yard a smaller breed will fit better. if you have children avoid fragile dogs like Italian greyhounds. If you want a purebred go to the American kennel club website and read up on the breed your leaning toward. I think they also have a survey you can take to see what breed fits best into your life. when you decide on a breed look for a rescue agency for that breed. If you decide to buy one, go to a breeder in the city limits (they don't have room for puppy mills) and a breeder that has only that breed. try to see both parents, but sometimes they only have the mother on site. The web site will also tell you what to look for and what questions to ask the breeder. good luck and enjoy your dog

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    I agree with Jamie.. RESCUE!! I adopted a rescue dog and he was the sweetest, most loving dog ever. He couldn't have loved me more!

    Remember that puppies are a HUGE responsibility. You should seriously think about going to your local shelters or perusing You can often find purebreds, and other cute mixes. So many pups need a loving home.. save a life!

    And before you adopt, really think about whether you have the time to take care of the dog. Do you work long hours? Can you take him for regular walks? Can you afford vet care? (what if he gets hit by a car? That can be expensive!) Can you afford a quality food? Dogs are a huge responsibility. When you are ready to commit to a dog for 10 years, you're ready to adopt.

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    u can either recue a dog from the animal shelter or buy a puebreed

    i wud adise a dog from the animal shelter if u live in an aprtment or a small house get a dog like a dashchund,chihuaha,or pomeranian

    if u have sufficient space get a labrador or a golden retriever or a german shepard

    my personal favorate is the lab

    th golden retriever and pomeranian shed a lot soo be care ful

    also get a few dog books

    they contain hundereds of breeds

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    I have had tons of different breeds of dogs, I loved the dogs but never fell in love with a breed until I met and then got a Labrador Retriever. They are the greatest and it is easy to see why they are the number 1 dog in the U.S and England. They are the most loving, loyal, affectionate, INTELLIGENT, versatile dogs. Their favorite thing is just to be with you and their devotion is incredible. I will never be without one.

    You could check your local shelters or look for a rescue group in your area. There are hundreds of dogs needing good homes. There are a lot of breed rescue groups as well, Pet Finder. com is a goo website to check out. If you are going to go to a breeder make sure it is a reputable one. That has guarantees, experience and a love of that breed.

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    A retriever or lab are nice. IF you want a little dog, my friend just got a ****-zu that is so cute. Make sure you get from a breeder and not a puppy store. Be careful for puppy mill owners. They inner breed and the puppies dont always come out so well.

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    i think you should get a labradore. They are very calm and easy to train. They also are very gental with kids.

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