farmer riddle, crack this one.?

a farmer sets off to market with a basket of eggs, he has to cross a toll bridge, but he has no money, so he says to the tollman can I pay you when I sell my eggs at market. Tollman says no, and the farmer says how am I going to pay you. So the Tollman tells him give me half your eggs and half of one, which the farmer does,He arrives at the second toll bridge, and once again the same arrangement is met. He arrives at the third toll bridge, yet again the same arrangement is met. Arriving at the market, the farmer has no eggs left, so how may eggs did he give to each toll man, and he had broken no eggs on the journey to the tollman , how many eggs did the farmer have in his basket, when he started on his journey. Each Tolman had half his eggs + half an egg, what was the lowest number of eggs in his basket.


congrats on cracking this one lol.

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  • Mr 51
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    1 decade ago
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    7 in the basket

    he gave 4 to the first guy 3.5+.5

    he gave 2 to the next guy 1.5+.5

    he gave 1 to the last guy .5+.5

  • saehli
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    1 decade ago

    Right oh; it is really simple Maths.

    He started out with 7 eggs. The first tollman (it is toll, you troll) wanted half, which is 3.5 plus a half, equal 4.

    He had three left.

    The 2nd toll was half, which is 1.5 plus half, equal 2.

    He had one egg left.

    The third toll wass half, which is O.5 eggs plus a half, equal 1 egg.

    So the farmer had nothing left.

    As you said: simple Maths.

    You are welcome!!!

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